Friday, January 13, 2017


- now i know why james's childhood friend lisa, a very successful reality-tv producer, opted NOT to  create a reality show based on james. i read this article in the NYer (my fave mag, yknow, cause i get free copies & can read & read & read for hours & hours, plus the cartoons are great). the article was about a female reality-tv producer, likely someone lisa knows bc the article's subject was a co-producer on one of lisa's shows, the bachelorette. the business sounds soul-sucking, requiring one to resort to calculating, brutal, immoral tactics. lisa said at the time, i can't subject james to that. the article's subject (no, i don't remember her name) eventually quit & produced a parody of the reality-tv biz, the name of which i can't remember, either. ah-so.
this comes up bc this pic came from the cartoon part of the "pitch" i created for lisa for james's prospective show. i used the image for tomorrow's music show at shenanigan's.
- we celebrated an anniversary, kind of, on jan 8, what would've been elvis's 85th birthday. jan 8 2010 was the first time i saw james in the flesh. he remembers me as having birds & flowers tweeting & flying around my head, like snow white, he says, & an entourage of guys flocking around me, he likes to say. and that's the eve he told his former guitar player, "i'm gonna marry that girl." wow! i remember a tough-looking boy-man with large forehead & determined, fixed gaze who tho bald & obviously middle-aged was boisterously friendly & cute as a big kid. then he kept laying kisses on me, & tho wet, they were very romantic, not lecherous. i'd never had anyone do that! i was wobbling, confused, seeing stars as my former guitar player & i got in his car to drive off & he said, "i think someone LIIIKES you!" here are some pix from jan 8 2017, in front of the gias' beautiful door, & one from later that day at o'henning's in bakersfield/ oildale, where james played some & i got up to sing one w/him. we'll be there this sunday, too, to support kaykay, after saturday's show at shenanigan's, where i'll be bass for the day. with steve at his place in hawaii right now, i'm looking fwd to seeing little anthony & playing some music. old fart who don't like me, be danged. ha!
ok, so to be more linear, here's where we'll be:
-fri, snowed in, no blasters show in ventura
-sat, shenanigan's, LBC, 2-6 pm
-sun, o'hennings, oildale/bakersfield, kaykay jagger benefit, 3 pm

the snow is doing 100 different dances outside,  & here is what i posted on facebook. bye for now. :)
Snow day! Originally we were on 2 hr school delay, & in a moment of miracle, our bad cat sat in my lap (only the 2nd time he's done this) & went to sleep as I drank my morn coffee & admired the (then) light snowfall. Now it's really coming down: lovely! Yesterday at school, the kids were lunatics toward end of day!! What is going on with you guys?!? I implored. We're gonna have a snow day tomorrow!! they cheered. How can you tell? I said. We just know! the little barometers cried. But the snow bunnies! they whined. We don't want them to come up here! They make a mess & we cant go anywhere!! Yes, on NY Day, get this: an estimated 168,000 people came up to this mountain to see the snow. 168,000!!!! The entire greater mtn population is less than 15,000! In attempt to better regulate things, signs coming up the mountain now read Chains Required & 2 Hours to Snow Play. It was taking 2 to 4 hours on NY to drive 15 miles! Tons & tons of garbage, too, were left by the roadsides. I hope this time will be better! 

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