Tuesday, February 17, 2015

hahahahahahaha... Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

We recently turned Dad on to Ken Nordine. You must look him up, if you don't know his work. Dad, ever dignified in countenance, is now even more demented, thanks to listening to k.n. :.D
Our trip was just wonderful. Now I type rudimentarily on small device for novelty, prepping to hoof in mountain night to drunk mtg. Am stalling so don't have to finish unpacking from 3 wks of travel, scrub refrigerator of horrors, or create units for upcoming classes. I just feel good. It sure feels good to feel good.
Pic from Honeymoon 2 ... I stopped dying my hair 6 plus months ago... want to see if it will stop at luxurious salt & pepper, like Mama's, or go snowy white, like Dad's. James says he loves my gray hairs. I  love his receded hairline. So it works out getting old together!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

happy valentine's day!!!

...to you, yours, ours, & my darling husband. we were reflecting on last yr at this time & feeling pretty warm & fuzzy about our life together. individually, i look back 5 years as well as last yr & feel not just grateful, but amazed by the quality of wholesome love & friendship happening these days. what an unbelievable blessing, truly!! this  is the last day of our u.s. trip (honeymoon 2 starring peewee the wonder cat) & here in this desert hotel w warm sun shining & happy cranky birds singing loudly away outside & james sleeping soundly beside me & cutey hell kitty biting my toes under motel bed blanket, i feel life couldn't be better! to you, the same (cue love boat theme...)
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Thursday, February 05, 2015


this is a great time for me, james  & peewee the travel cat. :-) here are a couple foetoes... tonight we look at the map to plot the 2nd half of our happy mighty fun adventure. :-) can't stop w the :-) :-) :-) :-)'s... :-)