Tuesday, December 22, 2015

merry christmahannukwanzasolsticefestivus celebration!!!

mr & mrs whiteboy james & mr & mrs big manny
- some morbid reflection has flooded my soul lately, but i think it's being prompted by the corporeal changes of being a vieja... drat! i can't worry about my loved ones current & past, human & non. it's crazy-making! james has been helpful in reminding me that it all will pass. so true: the good, the bad, the world as you & i know it. i only have my turn, & my turn's about half-over! better relish each moment rather than fall splat & wallow in anxieties & sadnesses i can't change a bit!
- the mountain is swaying & singing w/wind & blustery rain; in recent days, we've driven all over the place for a couple gigs, family in the valley, & dear friends' visit; it snowed for them & the wife exclaimed, "i've never seen snow!" what a happy moment for all. :) we had pizza & watched the wonderful, wonderful film a christmas story, a perfect film except for melinda dillon's anachronistic hairdo... so excited we'll have the young man visit us on the mtn for the holidays, then see family, then see friends, then the new year is going to be a blast this time, a record party & jam session hosted by the happy friendly talented contrerases!!! woo-hoo!
i really love this guy, & so does anyone w/a heart.
- wanted to share this -- a month or so back, i read about what makes humans most enduringly happy: closeness with others, helping others, & quality of life (not material, which is actually antithetical to happiness, but physical, spiritual & emotional). these seemed to me to correlate w/the pillars of the drunk club: unity, service, & recovery. the drunk club is most always right! here are a few more articles on this worthy topic. article one & article two
- these holidays, love more, buy less, & for pete's sake, care for your ever-changing, vulnerable, ethereal, precious flesh bag, cuz we each only get one on this turn at life! may your days be merry & bright. :)

mama says james looks like yul brenner in this pic. irish yul! :)
she saw snow for the first time this past week. :)

Wednesday, December 09, 2015


just saw a bunch of pix from max's tribute sunday. of the ones of me onstage (thank you to all photogs who took them), i played a game called "how many chins does jenny have?" of course, as most stage performers know, singing pictures can be the absolute worst, especially when taken from a below angle! especially when you're a vieja, i shall add! here's a good one, & thank you to casey r for it:
oh well! it was fun & i did it to inject a moment of cheer in memory of max!
so since i don't have an eating disorder anymore, guess i'll just have to take other routes to avoid the spread of aging... or realize there are transgressions far worse than overweight... like being an a*shole! i can know that though my behind might be bigger than it used to be, so are my heart & soul :)
this a.m. i was hemming & hawing out in the yard on a beautiful sunny december morn, placing various christmas decorations around the yard & outdoors, when one of my friends pulled up in her truck, apologizing for just dropping by w/o notice, & i ended up filling out a felt-like ream of paperwork with her she said she just couldn't do alone, so now i got that good feeling of having helped! :) generally, i'm better in writing than extemporaneous word, so it felt quite satisfying & rewarding to be able to basically interview her, write her replies on paper, & know i'd done something useful & kind! after, we had a bagel w/hummus & visited a bit, listening to, among other yuletide music, the chipmunks christmas song, which made me fondly remember students over the many years cutting out & pasting & drawing christmas cards & ornaments in the classroom while listening to christmas songs... nothing is much better than the precious cache of memories i still get to have. they might be gone someday if my thinking deteriorates w/age, but hope by then i'll have more to take their place... can always hope.
anyways, happy happy to yall! :)

Tuesday, December 08, 2015


oh gee, feeling pleasantly eyeballs-rounding-the-corner-before-i-do right now on a whole pot of coffee... zing! it's a happy morning/afternoon here... what nice weather outside! might go for a hike... we had the mountain holiday faire the other day & dear dear dad came out with me to sell my fleas (james had two gigs, so couldn't join us!), & what a nice day! cold, fun, met so many nice ppl, sold a BUTTLOAD of LPs! my big payday? a huge amount of dough for my life now, but i realize, as much as i would've made in one day when i was teaching! hahahaha! despite that, i'd much rather be in this life now than the one i had back then. at the library, working only pt-time, i still get to help ppl & interact w/youngsters, but it's all positive & i don't have to herd cats or undertake any behavioral modification strategies or deal w/stupid standardized testing or fights on the yard or yard duty, for that matter!! i hear from my dear seester that the climate of public teaching now's much less the way it was when i bailed, & i'm just so happy for her, that she has less crap to deal w/than we did 5-10 years ago! so to heck w/the big paycheck for me: i like it like this!
sun in LBC we attended a tribute for departed ornery, irascible, eccentric, resourceful, uber-talented & creative max bangwell, james's dear friend & long-time blues express drummer... my hubby was so, so, so, so sad, but we got up at pink arguello's request & sang together on the big stage. i told jr watson, on guitar, "little richard!" and he told the band, "rock n roll!" & we did my song "he's my baby" & right away, i saw teeth flashing & heads bobbing throughout the place & spirits were high, & that's why i wanted to do THAT song, cause i knew it'd make ppl happy & max would've wanted that. throughout the day, i kept pondering him, keeping him at the forefront of my mind, knowing he'd want everyone to be joyous & mischievous & having a good time... james was so beat afterward, we got a rm next door at the golden sails, where he used to play but we've never stayed, & what a nice place!! huge room, big soft bed, pretty manicured grounds, quiet & serene, & in the morn, beautiful breakfast rm w/softly-glowing view of boats bobbing on the marina & tons of yummy food, which really made big-eating james smile & delight! i was so grateful to be able to stay rather than try to get us caravanned home cause my sweet husband woke from sound slumber in a happy mood, & that made it all worthwhile! anyways, that's that for now; i need to be productive here at home for a bit...
here's where we'll be thursday... please come join us! it will be fun fun fun!