Saturday, March 25, 2006

6GUN DUSKDEVILS FATTKATT... passing of buck

the cast has changed a bit for the sat april 8 show (details below).. maybe me & fattkatt can sing a duet ("solamente una vez"? "my heart skips a beat"?)... i love singing harmony on those kind of songs. below's a dumb pic of me, a good one of him, from a while back -- one of those "i'll hold the camera, it'll come out ok" things where a person (well, me) comes out looking quite stupid & sappy. que lastima... relatedly, since fattkatt sings all the time over at the crystal palace, my talented little sis just illustrated a book about buck owens (who passed away just this morning... found out just now as i already was typing, in an ironic moment). it's good to see her get some recognition for her hard work... info here: MY FAVORITE 15 BUCK OWENS SONGS: 1) above and beyond, 2) under your spell again, 3) my heart skips a beat, 4) love's gonna live here, 5) hello trouble, 6) loose talk, 7) foolin' around, 8) excuse me (i think i've got a heartache), 9) together again, 10) A-11, 11) second fiddle, 12) i don't care (if the sun don't shine), 13) under the influence of love, 14) don't let her know, 15) act naturally... me & a certain darling from the far past used to drive around & sing & sing those buck & don parts; what a nice memory. i hope this fellow's OK today, with news of mister o's passing...

Monday, March 20, 2006

children of the night... what music they make, yall

here's a collage of pix from a while back of an annual music fest at the live music capital of the world. top row - left, mike stinson, with tony gilkyson on mike's right; mike vernon from 3 balls of fire; redd volkaert & band laying down great honky-tonk music; the spirited & inspiring crooners from brooklyn; middle, me & blasters fan club pres billy davis; sax player for belgium's seat sniffers; wonderful buckwheat zydeco, and below him, part of his band; street scene; bottom, ponderosa stomp truck outside continental club; db harvey & lynda kaye sit in with rosie flores; brass band at new orleans benefit; the continental club at night. the last pic is of me with jerry cole & george tomsco. rockabilly hall of famer jerry was in the original champs & has played with everyone you can think of from the 50s & 60s; george is the "tex-mex fireball" of the original fireballs.