Monday, December 31, 2007

Felican Novan Jaron! Elvis's BD! & Write This Down: 661-325-5041!

The ELVIS BIRTHDAY BASH 2008 is Coming!!
(from Good Rockin' - Elvis Bday show, 7:30 pm, Jan 8th, 2008 at The Music Box (nee Henry Fonda), 6126 Hollywod Blvd (at Gower), LA, CA.
The lineup so far: Alan Clark, Barry Holdship, Billy Bob Thornton & The Boxmasters, The Blasters, Brian Ray, Count Smokula, Danny Dean, Doug Fieger, The Dusk Devils, Fur & Steve, Gaucho Gil, Glen Glenn, Groovy Rednecks, Harry Orlove, I See Hawks In L.A., Johnny Legend, Jimmy Angel, Justin Curtis, Lisa Finnie, Lisa Haley and the Zydecats, Mojo Monkeys, Neil Morrow, Paul Marshall, Ray Campi, Rip Masters, The Rocketz, The Stardust Ramblers, The Surfaris... with More to Come!
Bonne annee, Gelukkig nieuwjaar, Hauoli makahiki hou, Feliz ano nuevo, Gott nytt år, Felice anno nuovo... and tonight, if you are a bakersfieldian & might drink & drive, instead call 661-325-5041 to get a free taxi home! just take a sec & write it down... who knows? might come in handy. :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

(materialism slave & greed dept.): I GOT A SNARE DRUM!!!!!!!!!

santa is good!!!!!! i now get to add another instrument to the roster. here are my grades (w/in the genre of music i know - outside of it, all would be "F"):
sing: B; pianny: R hand, C, L hand, B; bass, C+; drums, D+ (A+ for enthusiasm, tho); accordion, D; flute, D; rhythm guitar: D; clarinet, D-.
now all i need's a guitarron to fulfill my dream to play in a mariachi. i've got the outfit, & my spanish accent's very good, tho grammar is that of a complete moron... que lastima...
playing drums is the funnest yet!!!!!!! you can effortlessly make sound: no embouchure, no toughening & contorting of fingers, no scales, no strong lungs needed: just go!!!! i can beat out crude approximations of what i hear, & it's bound to improve because it's so fun to practice!!
what the heck do i know - i'm pure slop when it comes to all this. but what joy! (insert vonnegut quote about god & music here.)
happy holidays to you!!! may we all be santas for one another today & everyday... spread joy, share, be good, turn blue, rock rock rock.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

glitches, shin splints, crazy man crazy, life life life

-> yesterday i recorded an EP, w/sharon marie producing, here in bakersfield. talented & nice sharon runs B2 studios here w/gary batsch - she's also the daughter of the late carolina cotton, western singer-yodeler of the silver screen & 1940s recording fame, as well as long-time & beloved bksfld elementary school teacher.
-> i ran over to record after the oral language festival (school-work event: the girls did great!). sharon & i (well, 99.9% sharon) spent more time figuring out the recording set-up than actually recording! she figured out how to record me in real time & get a "live vibe," as she called it, as i played drums, keyboards, & sang...
-> the EP is about 25 mins long & has 13 songs. we recorded all in one take (well, i did 4 songs over because i got shin splints), glitches & all, no overdubs, punch-ins, edits, nada. what fun! it came out rough but full of life. some people won't like it, but i can't much care. life's too short! :)
-> sharon's posted my version of "goo goo muck" on B2's page. it'll only be there for a week because they rotate songs that frequently! ... soon, i'll have cds. and then what??? well, i have many ideas, & none involve fame & fortune, just hopes to maximize the fun potential in my tiny & short life. :)
-> happy week, everyone. :)