hello. i'm jenny page. once upon a time, i had a band in bakersfield cali called the dusk devils. you still can find dd music online. now i live in the mtns & am married to the most awesome frontman alive, whiteboy james. i know him as james or husband. we are as happy as two nuts can be. life is an adventure, a chore, a beauty, a choice, a turn. life is goooood. :)

Friday, January 13, 2017


- now i know why james's childhood friend lisa, a very successful reality-tv producer, opted NOT to  create a reality show based on james. i read this article in the NYer (my fave mag, yknow, cause i get free copies & can read & read & read for hours & hours, plus the cartoons are great). the article was about a female reality-tv producer, likely someone lisa knows bc the article's subject was a co-producer on one of lisa's shows, the bachelorette. the business sounds soul-sucking, requiring one to resort to calculating, brutal, immoral tactics. lisa said at the time, i can't subject james to that. the article's subject (no, i don't remember her name) eventually quit & produced a parody of the reality-tv biz, the name of which i can't remember, either. ah-so.
this comes up bc this pic came from the cartoon part of the "pitch" i created for lisa for james's prospective show. i used the image for tomorrow's music show at shenanigan's.
- we celebrated an anniversary, kind of, on jan 8, what would've been elvis's 85th birthday. jan 8 2010 was the first time i saw james in the flesh. he remembers me as having birds & flowers tweeting & flying around my head, like snow white, he says, & an entourage of guys flocking around me, he likes to say. and that's the eve he told his former guitar player, "i'm gonna marry that girl." wow! i remember a tough-looking boy-man with large forehead & determined, fixed gaze who tho bald & obviously middle-aged was boisterously friendly & cute as a big kid. then he kept laying kisses on me, & tho wet, they were very romantic, not lecherous. i'd never had anyone do that! i was wobbling, confused, seeing stars as my former guitar player & i got in his car to drive off & he said, "i think someone LIIIKES you!" here are some pix from jan 8 2017, in front of the gias' beautiful door, & one from later that day at o'henning's in bakersfield/ oildale, where james played some & i got up to sing one w/him. we'll be there this sunday, too, to support kaykay, after saturday's show at shenanigan's, where i'll be bass for the day. with steve at his place in hawaii right now, i'm looking fwd to seeing little anthony & playing some music. old fart who don't like me, be danged. ha!
ok, so to be more linear, here's where we'll be:
-fri, snowed in, no blasters show in ventura
-sat, shenanigan's, LBC, 2-6 pm
-sun, o'hennings, oildale/bakersfield, kaykay jagger benefit, 3 pm

the snow is doing 100 different dances outside,  & here is what i posted on facebook. bye for now. :)
Snow day! Originally we were on 2 hr school delay, & in a moment of miracle, our bad cat sat in my lap (only the 2nd time he's done this) & went to sleep as I drank my morn coffee & admired the (then) light snowfall. Now it's really coming down: lovely! Yesterday at school, the kids were lunatics toward end of day!! What is going on with you guys?!? I implored. We're gonna have a snow day tomorrow!! they cheered. How can you tell? I said. We just know! the little barometers cried. But the snow bunnies! they whined. We don't want them to come up here! They make a mess & we cant go anywhere!! Yes, on NY Day, get this: an estimated 168,000 people came up to this mountain to see the snow. 168,000!!!! The entire greater mtn population is less than 15,000! In attempt to better regulate things, signs coming up the mountain now read Chains Required & 2 Hours to Snow Play. It was taking 2 to 4 hours on NY to drive 15 miles! Tons & tons of garbage, too, were left by the roadsides. I hope this time will be better! 

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Friday, January 06, 2017

fiddling around friday

no, this site won't let me upload a simple music file, either...  if i knew more about coding, i'd be able to do it, no problemo...
(hang on a minute...)
i don't know if that will work...
- the 1st song is james & me fiddling around one eve when he was feeling sentimental about his long-time friend & mentor... but i wish i had practiced before recording it... i've developed a potty mouth in past years, never would've said "sucked" in previous life (however, just read those who swear are more imaginative, so maybe i'm gettin more maginative)... james came in to my classroom this eve (i stayed late to grade papers & do the 100 other little tasks teaching school requires) & started playing "help you dream" on the classroom pianny, singing the melody so sincerely over the wrong changes like he does (how does he do that?!?), so i stopped grading & played as he sang & looked into my eyes with a little tear & a smile & it was a moment surely sweeter than when mr alvin did that one night long ago when i'd gone to see the blasters... james is pure heart, which those who love him know (but as he always say, most who think they know him, don't at all...)
the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th are these: a song i wrote while we were separated; a voice acting demo i recorded from a book & i forgot the details of, which is lame bc its words are very wise; and a song i wrote years ago in the dusk devils days that james wants to use in his repertoire/album eventually, but i wanted to put it on here now bc i have little self-control at times, so if i put this one on here, i won't put on here the other 10 songs i want to, ones he's gonna put in his repertoire eventually cause i shouldn't do that, but i wrote this one & actually used to sing this it, too, so i'll put it up...
what else? deutsche kuchen red cabbage & apples. bomb-a*s aldi, our new favorite grocery store. (we went in germany! there's one in backwardfield! now THAT is weird!). new strength moves.  the trabampoline. a new side job as book clerk at school. tomorrow after yoga, if i can find a haz-mat suit, i'll go to school & start cleaning it out. today, a clean septic tank for only $600 (aaah! kill me now!). funny how the bathroom smells so much better now, less eau de bum. neat articles about ursula k le guin, leonard cohen (the new yorker: endless reading, so cheap, & the best cartoons). power failure on the mountain. caveman cavey's, such great pizza. yum! 23 degrees this morn, with ice so hard on my windshield, the ice scraper couldn't budge it! our cat, his whisker now mysteriously curled. such a feline butthead, he certainly would never rescue us from a vicious dog, as a bakersfield cat hero recently did when its 6-year old human-child was attacked. something i just learned about: quipa. and the language created by & used by only women: nushu... so much blablablaboloney that doesn't make any sense, even swimming in the head that thinks it... you might know how the big dumb coconut can roll like a big wheel... through a georgia cotton field... so i will hush. ta-ta for now!


Monday, January 02, 2017


just checking in since i haven't written in a long bit. here are some randoms:
- went to post office, which was closed, bearing tardy holiday gifts that are past-due needing a-mailing, saw group of frozen locals standing on edge of highway with signs reading "if you won't respect our home, LEAVE." man, you should've seen the traffic crawling along the little highway! mile after mile of visitors, which the locals were protesting: the messy, multitudinous snow bunnies who've clogged our roads & hillsides of late. our poor little mountain has looked almost bad as the 405 at some times recently.
- james & i caught some of it driving back home on christmas day. at first we grumbled & complained, then started to enjoy watching all the flatlander families playing in the white stuff, hundreds, maybe even a G of  'em between fort tejon & gorman along the 5 as well as along the highway to our town, clambering & sliding on the hillsides, climbing over private fences, taking selfies, laughing, making snowmen, packing snow in their vehicle beds & on hoods, heck, one family even had out a full picnic & BBQ set up!
- still, presence of the hordes ultimately is annoying bc we live up here in part NOT to deal w/urban human numbers. funny: Facebook wags referred today to "snow dummies" & "citiots," the latter of which definitely is my favorite neologism of late... it made the whole thing light-hearted again. plus, give this a week & we'll be back to being a tiny mountain hamlet with near-no visitors... with luck the bunny/dummy invasion has helped local business...
- oh, i think that's it. vacation is over, it's still cold cold cold up here, but tomorrow morn bright & early, i'll be in the stalwart subaru heading to school... i've missed my students, but there's much to be said for sleeping in... feliz anyo nuevo [sic]


Sunday, December 18, 2016

going on now!!

get hold of james to find out what he's selling and how to get to the bizarre bazaar! orders accepted by mail, as well... now til the new year... tell yo friends! (see poster for his contact info)
ps, come see us this thurs at shenanigan's, shoreline village long beach ca, 7 pm-11 pm, for our holiday show (which means i'll sing christmas songs and we'll do the rest of the regular combo show, with james leading the repertoire!)... haven't written in a good long while, but all is well... look what mom & dad celebrated yesterday! wow! happy holidays!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

so anyways...

i have to go to the bathroom, but the cat is on my lap. he looks up at me with trusting green orbs, blinks, puts a soft paw on my arm. dang it. i have to go to the bathroom!
we had such a great time in swellay. actually hollywood. i'll have to post more later.
oh good: kitty just remembered he really is a wild, only-semi-domesticated beast & swiped at me with claw. off the lap, beast!
now i can meet nature's call...
here's a poster i made for saturday night. i'm gonna play on this show.
ahhhh.... vacation: leisure time! i like it. :)
may your holidays be filled with love & not too much internal conflict as you reconcile breaking bread w/dear ones in commemoration of a genocide... i choose instead to focus on the fam!

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Sunday, November 20, 2016

where were we?

our cousin, the super-beautiful one, was accepted on a cooking tv show, i just found out. master chef?  i will tune in. happy for her -- she's long-been on the edges of the entertainment field! the only cooking show i watch is chopped, tho that one gets old quickly. i love the female judges, all beautiful in marked-different style, & supernerd host ted allen, & superman-handsome scott whatever-his-name-is...  i've learned from chopped that one can combine the most disparate elements to make a palatable dish. james shrugs, says, "chemistry," as if it's so everyday, to know this particular magic. me, i, who kisses better than cooks, to paraphrase my fridge magnet, made a delicious casserole this morn from leftovers: thank you, chopped... included in dish were the powerfully-aromatic garlic fries we had yesterday eve, at charlie brown's terrific americana-overload  junkporium, en route home from biker gig in san bernadino. we took the city route over, the desert route home w/dusky heavens flamed w/color the way they do only in high-desert: gorgeous! :a nostalgically maxfield parrish feast for the orbs.
he's home from store; i'll write more later.
he brought my favorite ice cream: thrifty's chocolate malted crunch!!!!
truly this is vacation time... :D

Friday, November 11, 2016

"i have met the enemy & he is us." - walt kelly

........... strident, ham-fisted, but passionate & pugnacious michael moore called it one wk ahead....... .......... i asked ppl repeatedly for reassurance over past months. they all said, "no way." ppl aren't that stupid or mean, they said. the feeling i had of foreboding, however, was palpable, a bad dream, but real. i knew, i just KNEW. and now it's happened. i've never had much prescience. why'd it have to be now? sh*t & double sh*t.
- many funny memes have appeared in the wake of 11/9; one shows dubya holding up a drink. "congratulations, america," it reads. "and you thought I was an idiot."
- "i survived 8 yrs of ronald reagan," dad philosophized. but reagan was a statesman compared to what now we face.
- the best thing to happen for us was, after two days being heartsick, mournful, & bilious with disgust, we sat down & started howling sad songs & ended up writing a whole lotta music, new stuff, even stuff james said was good enough to add to his new CD. the national bullsh*t turned out to be fertilizer.
- i will miss our handsome, smart, circumspect gentleman of a president & his beautiful family. never has there been a classier commander-in-chief, free of personal scandal, "just a good guy," as james has said, certainly not w/o errors made, but what integrity & resolve barack obama has had. what dignity & friendliness. and what a wonderful smile!
- if i taught high school, day after election i would've worn to school my obama & dr king shirt, a 2008 collectible. however, my job is not to indoctrinate children, tho i guiltily acknowledge some of that's inherent in the uniformity of school structure. my job is to help them gain skills & learn to be kind & to desire to contribute to society... and to insert tiny bits of questioning of authority, cause in my book, that's the decent thing to do. even 6th graders shouldn't be robots!
we had a mock election in my classroom on election day. they ran a terrific little article about it in our terrific little mountain paper. here are pix of it:
 - i swelled w/pride when i saw the article. we made chicken salad out of chicken sh*t, to quote aunty rita! i'm so grateful i've got that something in me, that family (human) something, that knows what's the right thing to do & actually does it, more & more the older i get.
 - we're vegging today because today is veterans' day & james is the vet, not me, & he wants to veg, so we're doing it. so i woke a little late, made the show poster at top, have done this or that, nothing too worthwhile. our new bed arrived & once he woke up we wrestled the halves out of their pressurized boxes & when the 1st popped open & burst into a full bed, it wasn't nearly as scary as vacuum-sealed biscuit cans. i dread the opening of vacuum-sealed biscuit cans, such a violent moment, tho the result is one of the mannas of earth, so that makes it sort of worthwhile, unless i get a heart attack one of these times while popping open a can...

-another nice thing is, the ancient treadmill we got from mom & dad finally will run for longer than 5 mins. james added grounding mechanisms, so this eve i cautiously jogged for a while, holding the handrails cause i've been so sick (stupid sickening election! stupid weak metabolism! in the old days, i spose i woulda been said to have a "nervous condition").
- as uncle henry would've said, "sometimes peanuts, sometimes shells." time to get off the cyber ride & back onto the terra firma of "reality."
- oh, wait.
- sh*t!