Saturday, September 15, 2018

run for your life!!! (or walk... or crawl...)

glad that once upon a time i was a typesetter! my young life then was creepy & crappy to great degree... but i learned to make ads! hope you go, if you're local or just driving by along I-5.

Sunday, September 09, 2018


james told me he'd come home in the morning, & he did. he played shenanigan's last night, & even if he'd begged me to go, i couldn't, yesterday getting sideswiped by severe ear & throat pain... crap! i went a whole month at school w/o getting sick... so the weekend's been a big blah as i've rested & done little except fiddlefart around the house & yard & watch tv & get faint & go back to bed.. so he came in this early morn all cheerful & handsome & today's been a good one tho i didn't really move til i finally took cold medicine. prior to that, i tried natural remedies all weekend: warm compress on ears, hot tea with lemon, a horrible concoction of ACV, baking soda, turmeric & cinnamon... was reluctant to take cold med bc sometimes speedy stuff makes me psycho, but this med just allowed me enough energy to get out of bed, so we played music all afternoon, trying to make videos, now talking about making a lo-fi record together, so many plans: we really need to narrow it down!! but it was great fun. at one point i started playing some changes & remarked it sounded like a show tune & james launched immediately into a cornball  schmaltz of his own creation, off-the-cuff, about a boy who returns to his high school reunion to show all of THEM!! -- singing broadly, gesticulating dramatically: such a born showman james is!! that was a video keeper, but he didn't want to post it, so... i got this pic to commemorate our fun afternoon.
and what's that on my nose? oh well.
when he's back from walking penny, we'll watch either beastmaster or black panther & cozy up for the eve. i hope i'm well enough tomorrow to get back to school bc i don't want to be absent!!

Thursday, September 06, 2018

waiting for james...

we played last night at sue's. it's great to go just one mile for a gig. just wonderful! the bottom register of the keyboard sounded just wrong to me; i hope it's an amp setting; it sounded really un-piano-like!! but people were great & nice & complimentary & the eve was fun enough.
after our little set, i cleared the stage for us while james bsed with people, then i got to sit with christy & corey for a while, my dear school friends. devin & arestina were there, too, looking flushed with good health, just back from their exercise class, happy & sober in the bar. "i'm gonna get a shirley temple," devin giggled, & then they headed for the pool tables.
the skinny, swooping, tall drink of water rio collins got up & did a silly blue comedy show. the audience was positive, & i admired how he handled a drunk heckler. when things got pretty loud & ribald, corey told christy, "let's go before we end up in the paper!!" and they scooted along.

after the show, i went home &, still amped up, took pix with the animals, inspired when peewee jumped on the electric piano: "kitten on the keys" is a famous old tune by zez comfrey. penny absolutely wouldn't be still until she was let go, as you can see in the pix.
 i put on pjs, drank some warm milk, & went to bed.
1230 or so, james rolled in with rio the comedian. they laughed & told stories, but kept voices down & i stayed in slumberland. when i woke up, rio was sacked out on the couch, all wrapped up like a skinny burrito in one of our down comforters. i had a good day at school with the kids. when i got home, james was making dinner & rio had hit the road, being an itinerant comedian who books his own gigs & travels all the time. james, as usual, had made a new friend.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

how many ways to stall??

another just popped up in junk mail: "click here to see how YOU resemble long-lost family members around the world"... or some such no-doubt lying junk.
the only time i saw ppl who "looked like us" was at a tribal summit some years back in coastal orange county (the only summit i've managed to get to). there were many yellowish-looking people with weak-colored eyes & limp hair, kind of mixed & weird-looking folks like i am & like some of my immediate family members are, too... i liken my sister's and my looks compared to our parents to the actress amanda plummer, interesting but never a beauty, not one bit, & her father, christopher, who was quite handsome in his youth. i just don't know what happened to us visually bc mom & dad were quite good-looking young people... but really, this kinda stuff matters less & less as the years erode everything about this human suit...
i am supposed to be working on school, so instead this weekend i deep-cleaned the whole house (including... james's quarters... the black hole of doom...) took penny for a slow jog (if i don't move my hip, it doesn't hurt), put latches on screen doors, watched MST3K (did you know incredibly strange creatures who stopped living & became mixed-up zombies was filmed in large part at long beach's long-gone beloved amusement-park-by-the-sea, the pike?? that was a definite highlight in an otherwise dreadful dog of a movie!!), feverishly researched tiny houses with hopes to install one on the back slope for mom & dad (latest obsession), walked across town (1.5 miles) & met christy & corey for breakfast, walked penny & corey's sweet dog mama at the park w/corey & adorable maya, continued cleaning, did the dishes, started proofreading dad's book, moved 5 wheelbarrows of dirt from the slope to the driveway...
i want to work, but i am afraid. i want so badly to do a good job this year. i have a very small class at this point. i guess part of me fears i will work hard, yet fail, anyways. i've had so little of that in my life. in my youth, i succeeded at everything i tried (except, near-fatally, over & over again, love relationships).
well, here's getting to it. the kids deserve it!!

Sunday, August 19, 2018

no time, no blog!

yes, james got food, too: one of many vacation hog-outs
i haven't blogged in some time because well, i've been busy! it's also a big pita (teacher acronym for "pain in the a*s") to have to log out of my work account, log in to this "junk" account, scroll down, ahh: luxury problems! but not only hasn't there been time, it's not seemed important! however, here's a great blog that deserves more attention & time than i have currently; however, maybe you who read this will: nerds
we had a lovely family vacation. lovely! it was super-fun beginning to end. the gias, the bennetts, the pages... what fun! i could write & write about it! but... no time.
school has resumed. i have a tiny class. i love them! it will be a good year. the class is so small, i should be able to differentiate much more effectively. i've been able to identify the enrichment as well as at-risk kids already. i am hopeful i can help them mucho!
3 school bus stops are right across from our house: we
just gotta have one of these!
one of the highlights of vacation, just to quickly mention, was dumpster-diving with sister near the troll sculpture in seattle. we scored! all new stuff! rich people's trash is the best! another highlight was jog/walking (hip still injured) to a meeting where a nice man at the alano club counter purchased & said a prayer over a sobriety chip he then gave to me (i told him i was waiting for my family to arrive with my purse so i could buy one for myself). on the way, i saw a woman picking berries.
the northwest u.s. has the greatest biomass in the world. the area was suffering a dry, hot patch while we were there, one of the extremes characterizing the world's climate change, but everything still was so dark green, green, green! i was haunted by uncle ralph's backyard; you step out of the house to a cathedral of soaring, silent, majestic forest... dumbfounding! humbling! our backyard of stretching scrubby mountains brings my heart peace; these startling giants made me cry! so beautiful! how does a person have a backyard  like that & go on with their workday???? it was staggering.
gilded bowl i was gonna "swap meet" but can't part w/yet!
james & doug became such buds on the trip, so funny & loud together, funny & quick as any comedy team you can imagine; people even took video & pix of them as they walked around portland & seattle, doing their thing... the next week doug came to visit up here & as i took out the trash, i could hear them roaring & exchanging verbal patter: so funny! they don't do it for others, but for their own enjoyment! i hope their bromance continues for many moons to come...
i gotta run to bako to get groceries & stuff for school. check out the link!

"dancing doug" at uncle ralph's w/his archie mcphee appendages...
damn! the video doesn't work! oh well; believe me, it was
hilarious, doug dancing to me banging out st louis blues
on uncle ralphy's neat old piano...

Saturday, July 21, 2018

musica musica musica

thumping from the basement is james playing along to johnny cash records. his friend tom gave him a cool turntable. now we have at least one with working speakers! it's a great day up here, with cloud cover relieving the heat. the sky is dreamy. the breeze is languid. i got to sleep at 5 a.m. after last night's gig, so soon i hope to be having a sunday afternoon nap. wow! life is good sometimes.
yes, we had a very successful show last night at shenanigan's. james was the perfect combination of raunchy & charming & funny & commanding. the audience was many, happy, responsive all night. i'm so very pleased to be playing the piano so much lately so i can contribute to the band instead of feeling like an add-on.
there's an awesome video circulating on facebook of us last year at don the beachcomber, an historical socal tiki nightclub/restaurant recently closed. it's so awesome, i watched it many times, just to be sure that was me in there with this powerful band sounding as badass as the blasters in their heyday. wow!
and i didn't look fat!
i can't upload the video here, so here is a screenshot.
the other day was such great news about my dear school friend's health; we met for celebratory lunch: oh, what a relief! then yesterday i got a good health report about james & a gruesome shot in my hip. "oh," i wriggled, feeling the strange burning gnaw where it shouldn't be as the 3 inch needle went deep, & kind doctor jen said, "oh yeah, that's the bone." ouch! i'm so hopeful now i will be able to run again...
with the gig over, we now have nothing to worry about except packing for our family trip. wow! it's gonna be great. i've wanted to visit my favorite uncle for 30 years!! this will be a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. happy sunday to you

Sunday, July 15, 2018

the heat, the hip, & the blues

-james grew up in south los angeles: paramount/compton, cerritos, then migrated to lakewood/long beach in adulthood after the army. i, on the other hand, spent the 1st 43 life-years in... wait for it... BAKINGFIELD, CA, one of the hottest places on earth. in summer & part of autumn, temps are normally above 100 fahrenheit, & at nighttime, it only will drop sometimes 5 or 10 degrees. what a grueling ordeal, to walk around at 10 pm in 90 degree heat... so here on the hill, at 85 degrees, it's a real scorcher for many, but for me... pleasantly temperate. also, this "nothing will save it but dynamite" house i got for cash bc it was a dump is situated on a hill with mountains to the north: the breezes blow through the house, unbeatably comfortable at times.
-that graph contained bragging, or humble-bragging, or backward bragging, or whatever: "look how tough i am; i can endure so much crap." james says LA people do it about traffic: the heat (& smog) in  bakersfield's something you just grow up in & must endure as is "free"way traffic to angelenos.
-it's helped, too, spending summer vacations in desert hot springs & texas: hot, hot, hot! i finally understood an advantage of southern humid heat: you sweat your buns off, then the wind comes up & wa-la!: built-in air conditioning!
very tired, but together again, our tears have stopped falling
-next, turns out that independently james & i  both were fixated on leaving this earth earlier in the week, but things are better now. am glad to have a break from the gnawing dulling incessant death-thoughts that sent me to a bat-house in 2011. what combination of gasses or pills would result in a quick & painless end? the trick always is, when this stinking thinking pervades: how to do it w/o hurting  loved ones?
-the answer is: you can't. maybe when quite old, if no loved ones remain, maybe, maybe then. but the healthy part of this brain knows  i likely still will have loved ones then, though they may be entirely different ones than the ones i get to share my life with now.
-we played two gigs this past week. james says i "carried the show" tuesday at shenanigan's: sang a lot & was cheery & well-received by the audience. i could tell i performed sturdily. my instrumentals with steve went well.
-that was balanced by last night with james's band, when i tanked an instrumental, starting in the wrong key &,  doomed from that point, couldn't get back on my feet. damn!!!!
-lesson: never improv an instrumental heard on a CD/radio & think, "hey, i'll try that in front of a live audience!" that works for a lick or two in my case, but i'm not skilled enough to pull an entire song off with no practice, especially when i start in the wrong key.
live & learn.
-anyways, it's been fun playing with everyone, even if someone i know has had a serious case of the blues that came out especially tuesday as a severe & intense nastiness... blessedly, i didn't take it personally bc that would've not helped things one bit, & he bounced back; he always does. we always does.
t-he other day i entered Land of las Viejas, getting a hip x-ray. then the doc took me off blood pressure med, so now i'm getting fat, so she suggested consuming 1800 calories daily. i've probably been doubling that, especially when in texas!! since i was bulimic when young, my long-standing credo's  been "diet, never" since diets could be a slippery slope for me. but it feels good these last few days, reading labels & getting re-educated about food ingredients, getting some control over this. it feels better to eat better. now i just need that x-ray to show no hip fracture so nice doctor jen'll administer that cortisone shot....then i can run again!!!!!! life without music is no life, but life without running has been less than a thrill!!!! power walking w/doggy just ain't the same!!!!
-tomorrow: santa barbara w/james... next week: portland & seattle family trip!! woo-hoo!!!
be coo, foo. and i hope anything written here's been helpful.