Tuesday, December 21, 2004

upcoming shoooo

Upcoming Rilly-Rilly-Big-Shoe...
20th ANNUAL ELVIS PRESLEY BIRTHDAY PARTY, Sat. Jan 8, Henry Ford Theatre, Hollywood CA... The band will perform "Big Hunk of Love"... The show, hosted by Mr. Art Fein, will be sponsored by the City of Los Angeles and will feature scores! of! celebrities! and! cult! music! figures! each! performing! one! song! only! Go to http://www.sofein.com/ for more dirt...

;) Peace on earth, good will to all ;)

music nerds

are you a music nerd? would you rather smell vinyl than perfume? do you know the difference between sun and phillips? bear family and hightone? little walter and big walter? have you cried when your 78 needle broke right atop a disc of "flip flop and fly"? do you still resent the ex who stole your elvis picture sleeve 45s and therefore should really be smote, if it were a fair universe? i'm actually a RN manque, lopped off in my prime by "growing up." now that i'm "mature" and have a goal of responsibility to others, i no longer spend four hours in record stores as friends and family wait patiently outside, wishing for cyanide capsules to end the interminable suffering. the best record store i've ever been to was twist and shout in denver, but there are too many to mention around the country. here in town, we still have three locals fighting against corporate mega-giants, but we'll never have an aron's, or even an amoeba, and i guess that's ok because i know intellectually that i want to have a life, though my heart and habit still want to pick through the dusty bins, seeking that one treasure that will transcend life.

Monday, December 20, 2004

here we are at fishlips again. i figured out why my foot always hurts after shows--platforms + tapping toe = sore dogs! our guest drummer was kim from blue planet. thanks, kim! Posted by Hello

i picked this pic cause you can't really see that i'd ripped my hose before i even climbed on stage. they were some of those good, tough ones with nice color and all (won't go raymond chandler on you about them) and had a long and productive life, so i guess it was time for them to check out. no, i'm not storing nuts for winter here-- my aunt whom some say i resemble describes this look as "chipmunk cheeks." how glamorous, huh? :) Posted by Hello

here's jason looking typically tall-drink-of-waterish. don't play poker with this feller cause he'll stonewall you good. Posted by Hello

well, here's the dang picture of brian. let's see if it shows up this time! Posted by Hello
here's brian paxton at fishlips. he was sicker than a dog that night, but he blasted his way through rock the joint. buy the man a drink! Posted by Hello

this was from a local show at the alley cat. they have a great photo-realistic mural on the wall behind jason, depicting downtown bakersfield. Posted by Hello

here's me with cattie ness and the revenge, with whom i guess you could say i "sit in." i play about 70 percent of their set with them. there's the amazing jose, john, cattie & fabi, left to right. we should be called the "tri-county band." two people live in OC, i'm in kern, and two are in fresno. we meet about once a month to practice and take our marching orders from cattie ness and it works out just fine. by posting this, i hope my own band will send me a band pic to post!! Posted by Hello

here we are, the dusk devils, with our first drummer mark sitting in. this was a corporate christmas party in a big fancy hotel. they had the place decked out like mardi gras with food, drink, slots, etc., but by the time we were done playing, there wasn't a meatball or a penny left to be had. it was an enjoyable time, though we ate it on a few of the christmas tunes. we just kept smiling, though! the monitor was just right, so i got to have much fun singing, but the piano sounded like a glockenspiel--very weird! Posted by Hello

this is bomar and i at a recent gig with cattie ness & the revenge at a place called king neptune's. the very talented dawn shipley also played. the gig was fun, though i played with my back against the wall through no monitor and my bass amp, which almost deafened fabi and i. Posted by Hello

this was at the dollhut in anaheim and was supposed to be a pic of me with cattie and fabi, but the gal who snapped the shot accidentally put the camera on close-up with interesting results (the flower is perfectly framed, though it was on fabi's head.) Posted by Hello