Monday, February 29, 2016


this trait, which can make the sky bluer, music more thrilling, mere movement more miraculous & sensuous, life & its animals & places more exciting, more beautiful, more deep & wondrous, more mysterious & breaktaking, also can bring emotional dropoffs that feel cataclysmic in the moment, that break my heart every time, things i see other people sloughing off like a snake its skin. after all, the sensible instinctively seem to know, it's temporary. a link on the sidebar of this page shows exercises that are supposed to allow one with  sensitive emotional barometer (me, for example) to mellow out in moments of mental/psychic/spiritual storm. look at right for "DBT." i know it works sometimes for me, but most of the time i forget to use it...
sensitivity can be a terrible handicap. i've heard from as early as i can remember to "toughen up." i just ain't never toughened. am told, however, i'm gaining wisdom, so maybe something good ultimately will come from this minuscule life with its swooping highs & lows, maybe someone will be helped or bettered... nowadays, most of the time, after all, i'm grateful to be in this human suit/meat bag for this go-around, but at other times, as has been the case since my earliest memories, i feel bereft, at the bottom, unable to see light, abandoned, left out, & rejected.
however, i have a tool i gained from people more sensible & realistic than me, & it reads, "this, too, shall pass."
the writing process again has helped. i feel that little bit better. if you're sensitive & feeling down right now, try putting words to what's swirling & swelling in your throat & head & chest & gut. could help, for it has me.
signing off now.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

the whiteboy & jenny combo at the oasis

our combo now has a link on james's all-new, james-created website: . you'll see it when you go to that site, & then you can mark your calendar to come see one of our shows! :D
here are some pix from last week's show in memoriam of ross mccray. the swelling of love & community was nearly overwhelming! next day we hoofed it back out to taft for his burial -- the biggest funeral i've seen of a "non-famous" person! the man was extremely well-loved; in his memory, the oasis is going to start up "pinky productions" with beautiful bartender brandi at the helm for now, to turn the oasis into a destination blues club-nightspot! can't wait for that -- those are some good, friendly, loving people there -- an anomaly in the music biz!! a nice little article was published last wk in the bakersfield californian about ross/the show; go down to the part that says "in memory of big ross" & you can read it: in memory of big ross by cesareo garasa
a cinematic shot i took of the ever-photogenic james

the whiteboy and jenny combo -- a duo again, for this show

whiteboy james
jenny page

Friday, February 19, 2016


yesterday was one helluva day, & then we found out our dear ross was gone.
we all have lost a true friend, generous, hard-working, a fervent music lover, & the best poker-faced dirty joker-teller you've ever seen. rip, dear ross. 
live life now, each day cherish
seek purpose, find your new adventure
don't ever ever ever ever ever ever ever give up!!!!
love to all you & all who loved rosco, jny &jms

Saturday, February 13, 2016


the rooster's crowing outside on this golden mountain morn. the dumb & cranky cacophony always makes me happy, makes me laugh. wanted to hop on here briefly to post some pix & recount so i don't forget last night's spooky moment: the neighboring dogs were bark, bark, barking up a real barkfest in direction of the black night beyond their fences toward the mountain when suddenly bursting through the cold came a wide howl, howl, howwwwwwwl, a whole pack of i think at least four coyotes baying urgently toward the sky in lonely, scary, ardent, yearning disharmony... peewee the cat jack-knifed from the blankets with halloweeny back arched & huge green orbs flashing at me w/alarm: whatthehellwasthat????
here and there the coyotes come down nearer the back fences, james says to entice w/their females & therein try to lure the domesticated dogs to their deaths... but this is the 1st time i'd heard a whole pack yowling so close to civilization.
 i checked this a.m. & the next-door dog, an ignored & yet-adorable boy, was still intact, so that was a relief...
so much fun & physical/spiritual reward playing the other night with james in our combo, with  stephen kida on drums... steve, who came in cold to play with us & who's played all over the world with top-tier acts (& is blues express drummer, of course!), enthused about our combo, saying,  "what a treat to play with a piano again... i didn't even know you played! [james!!!!] and [smiling sweetly, he says] you're really, really good!" i found out his favorite pianist, too, is professor longhair! friends showed up that night as well as young rockabilly cat collin king, whom james elliott had said resembles young james page... and he DOES some.
nobody else, tho, has my husband's eccentric charm & charisma, tough-guy shout-singing sinew, rough yet regal...
... oh no; a very heavy young woman is hiking up the other side of the arroyo by the house -- it's very steep, & i hope she doesn't tumble down. on the other hand, i say, because she IS quite big and she IS hiking, you go, girl!
whiteboy & jenny combo... all sweaty from pounding all night
oh my, james is so very handsome...
while on lunch-walk while subbing at arvin library, i got this pretty shot.
happy valentine's day weekend... if you don't have one, be your own. :)