Tuesday, January 04, 2011

goodbye & thanks for the sopaipillas

land of enchantment. georgia o'keefe. earth ships. sangre de cristos. turquoise & velvet. carlsbad caverns. big native sky. ancient spirits. clean blue air. high painted deserts. santos y retablos. norman petty studios. gary farmer and the troublemakers. sacred clowns, real tobacco, petroglyphs & canyons, kasharis, yucca, pinon pine, pueblos, route 66, las cruces, sopaipillas, gallup, the el rancho, mama says "everyone looks like us," taos, pueblos, old churches, dusty roads, the pecos & the rio grande, green enchiladas, chaco canyon, rez dogs, chile & frijoles, ojo caliente, grandmas selling baubles, old town, hot sauce, "indians," the sad scourge of alcoholism, beauty in spite of it all, beauty & peace... please add to this list til i get back. when i get back, i will know how to live well.