Tuesday, April 29, 2008

deke dickerson, exotiki, DUSK DEVILS

we have two great shows upcoming! here are flyers:
-> have seen deke many times, most impressively w/the collins kids (his stuff w/dave & deke combo & untamed youth also was very cool)!!! he knows every joe maphis lick, so they always pick him to play w/them... he writes a column for guitar player mag, too, & is a stone-cold guitar/amp expert/ scholar. a link to the venue is here, www.myspace.com/tularedust, & you can find deke's website easily via google. there's a lot to read, & guitar players will plotz!!
-> exotiki, playing hawaiian-swing, has an all-star lineup you won't want to miss... here's a link to the venue: www.myspace.com/klubbimbam ; i'm certain you can find exotiki on myspace, & if you know this music, you'll appreciate the band members' expertise & history!
->tho i love playing for any crowd, i'm thrilled that at both these shows, everyone there will know EVERY song in our sets (except the ones i wrote, that is)... yippee!! i do hope to meet other '47-'63 vinyl nerds, & see people singing along; that would be so cool!
-> visalia's only 1 hr north of bakersfield, hollywood 70 mins south. hope you who read & are nearby will consider going!!! thank you ahead of time for helping to spread the word, too! :) :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

happy bd to ruben, grandma mary, billy mize, & a goodbye

we just got back from ruben's bd in the desert. i've known ruben & family for 17 yrs!! ruben is 55 going on 30. he's a life-long working musician who teaches guitar & puts out LPs. he is light-hearted, a super guy, lightning on the guitar, always gracious & fun to be around. :) i used to follow his band, the blazers, & was entangled w/their old bassist. i had to get sober because of that, so it was all for a reason! plus i made some life-long friends in him & his ex (they're still friends), mi "comadre," donna, who's the most resourceful woman i've ever met... :) the blazers were on rounder, now little dog. the new LP comes out in august; ruben said there was info on www.littledogrecords.com , but i can't seem to find it!! the site's worth checking out, if you like roots-americana alt-country, etc.
anyways, here's 2 pix from the party. we rolled in yesterday & their lovely daughter, my bd buddy, asked me to help her play the beatles' birthday song at her dad's party... we went thru it twice, then had to hit the road. of course, i couldn't hear the keyboard when i played (monitor pointed away). no se importa: the surprise bd song had R teared up w/happiness. :) we also played volver volver, tiburon, another cumbia, a few blues tunes, & johnny b. goode. then the music got real mellow, so we headed back to the barn. this a.m., R & B had a long discussion about the physics behind guitars (B is a biker, but also a "mad scientist"). then we all stuffed ourselves on mexican food & B, the boys, & i drove home in the love wagon.
R heads today to the chris gaffney benefit at the doll hut, where his high school buddy & blazers mate manuel (whom everyone now calls "big manny") will play along w/many others. chris gaffney recently passed away after a brief illness; you can donate at www.helpgaff.com. meanwhile, candye kane is swathed in love, recuperating after her major cancer surgery; bakersfield this afternoon celebrates billy mize's bd at trout's(www.myspace.com/troutsblackboard), & my family lovingly remembers dear departed grandma mary, mary elizabeth ollivares forquera, who would have been 97. she is gone, but never will be forgotten by us all.
a nice weekend. so good to have friends & family. so good to have music. both mean love & life, in my book.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

me am impressed! nearly the greatest video ever...

here it is!! :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_5w1KPgzuU&feature=related

in the wonderful alternative universe called youtube lives my chubby wunderkind of a child, who also appears to be a southpaw... in bizarro world, this boy would be king & presidents & politicians would wear little pointy hats & dance on hind legs in circuses. every now & then a pipsqueak like this comes along at school & makes teaching extra wonderful... & maddening.
ps - read post below about saturday's show... remember to tell them the dusk devils sent you, if'n you go... :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

grease ball at trout's, sat apr. 19

this from mommy pie, trout's promoter:

**Flyer correction! Music starts @ 4:00pm with IRON OUTLAWS!! 5:00pm MOTEL DRIVE!! 6:00pm THE DUSK DEVILS!! 7:00pm FATT KATT and the VON ZIPPERS!! 8:00pm PIN-UP GIRL contest!! 8:30pm TALLEST POMPADOUR contest!! 9:00pm FATT KATT and the VON ZIPPERS!!
VINTAGE CAR SHOW (Pre-1967!! Domestic & Import!!) BBQ available from GRILLS GONE WILD!! DRINK SPECIALS & SPECIALTY "Rockabilly/Greaser" SHOTS ALL DAY!
Come out and soak up the culture, baby! Art, Fashion, Hot Cars, Gorgeous Girls (and Guys!), Great Food, and more... taking place at the LAST of the Original Bakersfield "Honky Tonks" - The Blackboard Stage @ the Legendary Trout's Nightclub! This ain't your Grandpa's "Honky Tonk," kiddies: extensive expansion, remodeling, and renovations make TROUT'S the biggest AND best Nightclub in Kern County!!
Check it out - you will be glad you did!

slide show from tribute to merle, buck, & the bakersfield sound at trout's last month!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

nada decir... pero hablo y hablo y hablo :)

- i've got nothing to say, but it's ok, to quote the beastles!!! don't know about you, but i've been so busy i can't even breathe!! haven't uploaded pix or videos, managed to take care of 2 non-music commitments tho one more looms, something every day after extra-busy work & every evening, too, however, tonight's busy-ness was nice cause we practiced! these guys i play w/are so silly & energetic - so gratifying. :) we are gelling, we are hopping, we are swinging, we have fun. :)
- as a friend said, "not everyday's gotta be fireworks"... no break in sight: the next 3 wkends will be running, traveling, speaking w/jani at desert convention; music show; candye's benefit apr. 20 (go to www.candyekane.com for locations); ruben's 55th bd. how can blazers ruben be 55?!?!
- for many yrs, NO ONE wanted me around: so tho busy, i am thankful. :) life is short & strange. who knows what tomorrow'll bring? who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?!?! the shadow knows... (i don't believe that "evil" stuff; just wanted to quote lamont cranston.) :)
- ok, well, i've bored myself enough for now... blablablablablabla :)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

saturday, ethel's, 11 am!!!!!!

here's a pic of us w/rockwell from last wkend's show... i'll post more when i get more energy. still a little worn out, i guess!!!
next, this sat, 4/5, at 11 am the dusk devils will be at ethel's old corral, a friendly saloon en route to hart park on alfred harrell hwy. people ride their horses & motorbikes right up to the door at this place; there's food there, too. a fundraiser for the alzheimer's association, the day's official event is a motorcycle poker run; we're the 4th card stop. however, anyone (21 & over, that is) can drop in around 11 am & we'll be there playing about a 1-hr set. yes, the show is open to all, no charge! still, you can sign up for the event at www.adakc.org, if you ride & want to support the cause... ethel's is at 4310 Alfred Harrell Hwy (near fairfax), 661-873-7613