Sunday, July 24, 2005

O2 deprivation, glamour girls, sweating bullets

(flyer at left for The Show That Ain't Gonna Happen)... i'm exhausted from last night's show with cattie ness & the revenge! there were about 15 bands at the "rock the tower" show, mostly young folks dressed up & hanging out in the big dressing room... i panicked for several days prior when cattie requested that we all wear turquoise... TURQUOISE!! but i found a "gown" and hope i looked appropriately like a revenger, tho i still didn't feel much glamorous! we were sweating all evening: first from the despicable & debilitating heat, then 'cause drummer jose called at 6 pm and was still in smellay!! had to work & four bums had called in sick on a saturday! driving at speeds certainly exceeding legal limits, he arrived at the tower & fell out of his car 15 mins before we were to be onstage... then the sound! same thing that happened at the elvis show cursed us: the drummer had no monitors! train wreck! by the end of the set, i thought, i might sprain both arms, but i'm gonna go for it! and pounded those keys like the sloppy little imitation killer that i sometimes delude myself i am... the audience cheered its head off!! so all in all, as bomar said, "you guys hung in there and pulled it off." and as cattie said, batting her glamorous eyelashes, "well, we looked good." i dig her punk rock attitude...

Saturday, July 16, 2005

read below about the show!

how it went

it was 104 degrees in bakingfield on the night of the link wray show... my biggest problem was my hands wouldn't stay on the piano keys due to the extreme heat/resulting sweat! at one point, my wet fingers slid clear off the keyboard, but the audience was laughing, dancing, enjoying themselves throughout. thank you to shawna & kipp for having us! soundman jeff dialed us in perfectly, so i was able to have some fun on the vocals. brian p. nailed all his solos with confidence, while jerry and jason were solidly in the pocket from start to finish. this tall bunch of fellows is one great band! afterward, even when link wray came on & shredded everyone's ears with his raw, delinquent sounds, folks asked for the dusk devils! lots of friends were there -- brian b, eric, lisa, heidi, jenine, gary & darrell, tim r., tim c., francis, henry, larry & co., rhonda, just a lot more people than i'd hoped. if i believed 1/4 of the compliments people gave me/us after the show, i'd be really stuck-up! one guy even wanted an autograph. imagine that! it was a rocking & successful show!