Sunday, January 22, 2006

dusk devils on youtube

feliz domingo! lalalalalalalalala... after much arduous, tedious, aggravating, finger-cramping computer doofus labor (i learn as i go in most things i do, resulting in a lot of time-intensive mistakes), i was able to put up some dusk devils videos from art fein's poker party, shows we did in summer & fall 04. we were supposed to do one last nov., but were thwarted by drummer woes!! perhaps now that sean the great is on board, art'll have us again... go to and search Dusk Devils & you'll get the videos. you can watch, but to rate or add comments, you'll have to sign up. everyone should keep a free junk email account for just such purposes! too, mike generic of bksfld underground music scene added a profile of us recently... go to , then our name under band profiles... rock rock rock rock everybody... roll roll roll roll everybody... that's something else cool about youtube - you can watch public domain films like invasion of the star people, plan 9 from outer space, rock rock rock, etc... it helps if you have dsl, of course! denizens of the dial-up dark ages will just have to wait... or go read a book, mebbe!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


well, we got a show in fresno at the belmont, fri feb 17... more details
to come, most assuredly... meantime, here are some more elvis show pix... the first one's of sound guy charlie; the wonderful skip edwards, who is an amazing piano player, and a gentleman, too; phil alvin of the blasters, & me. (i have lots of heroes, find it encourages my existence to look for them everywhere...) PA was giving a detailed explanation of why he bristles at the term "country music." the next shot i included for those admirers & revilers of the blurred look :), also cause, tho out of focus, it's what i glom to be a characteristic "garrulous phil making a point" pose... brian p, did you move on purpose when you took this one?? next is brian p, me, ray campi, & multi-talented count smokula (of dr demento, troma films fame, who plays violin, who writes songs, who knows how to have fun!)... then brian p & rod from the tonemasters, with lovely dawn shipley on deck in background... then me and sporky (carol); her boyfriend joel played with dawn. she is a funny, smart, & sweet LA gal & myspace friend :) by this time i was worn out & had lipstick on my teeth, which of course no one told me... & finally is art fein & i (i keep typing art gein, like ed gein, heh heh heh; his eyes kinda have that look in this particular shot, along with the impressively little richard-like coiff). it was a swell time, & i won't write anymore about it now except to say if anyone found a burgundy faux-fur collar that night, please send it to me cause i lost it. good thing i'm a teetotaler -- it's hard enough for me to keep track of my head sober when good times are going on!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

more elvis show elvis show elvis show

a few days've gone by & i can calm down now, so here's a bit of what happened: the elvis show in hollywood was tons of fun, lotsa people, lotsa music, tho no candye kane (big disappointment to all)... our songs were "(let's have a) party" and "burning love." spectacular! not us, but the feeling of performing these great tunes! what a rush of somethin-else! drummer sean and bassist jason really made them move and brian p saved my bacon when i stumbled right at the starting gate & he came right in with, "some people like to rock!" thank you, brian! another highlight was getting to meet in person myspace friends sporky and speedie john... here's some stuff people said:
tex from groovy rednecks: i really love yer voice! you sound just like wanda!... wanna go to the frolic room?
barry holdship: i wanted to tell you that i really admire the work you do. (!!wow!!)
neil (art's friend): you guys are amazing!
art: the dusk devils... one a the 25 best bands on the planet today...
nice lady: did you already sing? awww! i missed you!
nice older man: you are really something special. i look forward to hearin' you every year.
paul body: oh....[cryptically] i've heard all about jenny from the dusk devils...
count smokula: you are really the only person like yourself on earth, aren't you?
skip edwards (skip edwards!): [thumbs up] (skip dewards did this!)
(and just in case a person got too big for his/her britches...)
john and jerry blasters: so uh... what songs did you do?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

elvis show elvis show elvis show elvis

too tired to write... what a fun time, tho candye did not end up being there... art had a pompadour, lots of folks were there from skip edwards to blasters to groovy rednecks to rip masters to lynda kaye to barry holdship to smokula to justin curtis and band to ray campi and glen glenn and marcy levy and truly lover trio and dawn shipley ... these photos are from eric.