Monday, March 05, 2012

department of "who gives a rat's..."

it's a week w/o gigs, a week to breathe. it's lovely here, as you may have ascertained if ever you've read this blog. the dogs are snoozing. a friend asked what is important to me, so below i reflect.
loves kids. loves teens. loves people. tries not to swear. loves the roots. loves the piano. loves exercise. loves vigor, energy, big ideas, wonder. loves to exercise. loves nature. loves cities. loves driving & back roads & travel & old things. loves animals. loves monsters, eccentrics, underdogs. loves lots & lots. loves life. loves thrift & adventure, meditation, calm, wildness. loves to write & draw & read. doesn't know how to love men. wants to. has mood swings. two left feet. addictions. dark thoughts. very bright ones. wants to be good. wants to have fun & be helpful. succeeds a lot. idealistic & fortunate. much like you, i bet, even if details vary.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

"i need a man, i need a man, i need a man to love..."

both bands i play with tomorrow night @ narducci's in bakersfield feature in their sets the above barbara pittman rockabilly tune (actually called simply "i need a man," always evoking cracks from male band members when announced)... i hear this show, affiliated w/the big hot rod deal called the march meets, is going to be packed to the walls; i hope for a music-heavy eve & that my wardrobe change between bands (from punk-monsterbilly to my attempt at elegant) will be swift & successful.
- what fun it is to back karling & becky in their bands, karling & the atomics & cattie ness & the revenge, respectively... this wkend, too, will be dusk devils practice w/low-key but high-energy bassist & drummer who are locked in tight; the other night at practice when john leaned over & cued stevo, i about fell over cause i know that's what bassists & drummers are supposed to do (they are, as carl leyland reminded me, the rhythm SECTION), but i've never actually seen any bass-drum players in DDs work together like that... after the march 17 DD show, we'll practice w/another bassist, a rockabilly kinda cat w/great chops, w/hopes of always having a line-up ready to go, whatever show comes up... ok, that's all for now.