Monday, April 25, 2016

freaky freaky freaky! gaspgaspgasp... the weather outside is frightful!

when we were visiting bakersfield these past many days, i stopped getting sufficient O2, which had been a problem i developed while living there. very scary, uncomfortable, crappy. last night  mom, dad, james & i parked in an open area with view of town (which apparently now is the local lovers' lane, since the bluffs of old are now a park!). they all wanted to view a storm that was rolling in. it was the biggest & most dramatic thunder & lightning storm i've ever seen, rolling across the heavens & over the car in an enormous sky-tsunami, roiling, booming, crackling, blitzing & roaring: sh*t!!! w/o sufficient O2, i panicked more than a little, tho tried to keep it to myself cause i could tell it was my stupid mind & lack of air causing my upset... didn't help that james got out of the car! however, he wasn't struck by lightning, & again, i know it just was my morbid fear due to lack of O2 that feared he would...
ok, on to now, because this is quite freaky: it is 48 degrees here at home, but it is now SNOWING!! it's the kind that doesn't stick, & it's blowing from all directions, but a decent storm is underway! so cool... so weird... so mountain- or maybe el-nino- or maybe global-warming or maybe none-of-that-unpredictable... then we drove home today & i continued to panic & freak out, but  once i got a few drags on my inhaler, all improved.
and... i bring this up why? don't really remember. oh! it's best to be prepared. always be prepared! i'd just taken the stupid inhaler out of my purse two weeks ago cause it'd been so very long since i'd needed it. murphy's law!!
gonna watch the snow. and exciting things are afoot. so exciting, that in part caused my lack of air, i'm pretty sure... here are the pix from the other night i forgot to post. oh! bunny in the arroyo! so pretty!
bye for now.
w/my buddy tammy, who requests googoo muck each time i play
really successful show. we got standing ovations! weird but nice...
very old jenny, very cute james, very happy stephen

Sunday, April 24, 2016

boom boom boom boom boom boom boom

my heart is pounding so hard right now! i can hear james in the other room talking with a good friend, a solid fellow, about something SO EXCITING!! i'm not being evasive here by not being more specific... just want to be cautious & not overshare & then maybe ruin a really great thing! or get my hopes up, then it doesn't happen! anyways, we had two really solid shows in kern county this past week. so fun playing w/james, & with stephen kida! "not bad for a practice," says steve, whose new nickname when we all play together should be "smilin' steve"... he looks so happy when we play! here are some pix from the other night. and prospects for new shows are rolling in more & more! so cool because even with our act, people are coming to us; we aren't having to ferret gigs out... that happens with james because he is JAMES, an irresistible force, a future movie star: really a special human being & born to be onstage!!
ok, gotta go cause i'm being thrown info to look up... wow! bye for now...

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sunday, April 17, 2016


the other day i started cleaning up a local school's library. it's gonna take maybe two weeks, but after that, i'll volunteer to have the library open for students. this library's been closed officially so long, i found schoolbook covers where the most recent u.s. president pictured is dubya (or as the late, great molly ivins called him, shrub)! digging thru the dust-laden teacher materials, i shivered w/deja vu, uncovering stuff i used when a new teacher (over 20 years ago!)... then, forging deeper into the ancient caves that are this library bookroom's cupboards, i dug out books from when i was a child... 40 YEARS AGO!!
"they were supposed to discard that stuff!" angie teacher-sister said, mildly horrified. yes, i know: decades ago! the artifacts got even older: sentence & grammar microfilm rolls we used when i was a kid, & they were old THEN. i remember feeding the same little plastic strips into a small, heavy, avocado-green-&-gray metal projector. another two kids & i each year were the ones who helped the teacher, so we did stuff like that -- otherwise, we were done w/our work w/nothing to do but get in his or her hair... next, a set of texts, workbooks & teachers' editions... from 1970. and finally, the piece de resistance: a state-issued textbook -- again, never discarded, -- from 1963. title: great negroes in history.
as you might cotton, it's huge baffling, exhausting fun excavating & organizing this library, & i relish going back! the funny part is, i've been so, so ill, but after six hours squatting, lifting, climbing, & carrying, i felt better! this heavy task prompted a return to improving health. after all, move it or lose it, right? it applies, apparently, even when you don't believe you CAN move. my lesson: when struck down by sickness, i must get up & go anyway, w/moderation in the beginning, but then full steam ahead as soon as possible! if you're sick right now, as yourself: what moves/exercise/activities am i capable of trying? don't just sit there: move, even if it's just your little toe! next time it can be your whole foot. then your leg. you get the picktcha!
oh mama mia, papa pia, james is SO HANDSOME!!!!
we played thursday at shenanigans in long beach & it was a pretty great time tho i was wiped-out afterward from the mantle of having to do so much musical work. i've realized set list be damned: just follow james. that's a good credo for me musicially, anyways: i gotta be ready to play different styles in different keys. then we did some songs on which we harmonize: we'd never agreed they were ready, so i was shocked he called them out. they sounded cool!! -- and my husband smiled as we sang, & wow: what could be better.
i talked a lot w/steve kida drummerman on breaks, & whatta guy! he's got some interesting ideas about all of our mutual musical futures; we'll see what happens! then beautiful carla, friend & fan, took this cool picture... we do make a visually-interesting lineup, in my mind, &  that always helps, since it IS called a SHOW!
en route home we hit the highest winds i've ever experienced, up to 65 mph gusts! spooky to be dragged into a different lane by mother nature's current, even w/hands wrenching the wheel against it to try to stop it. stop! stop! coming up the hill into our little mountain town, we were hit by a howling, seething blast that sprayed dirt & rock into the windshield for 10 seconds like something from a disaster movie! once we were home, the banshee winds blasted the house, screaming & sighing, the house shaking in protest. wow! it's easily & immediately sobering to remember one's own smallness & lack of ultimate control in these situations...
yesterday i got picked up at the 5 to go to the getty in malibu w/mom, dad, angie. we met niece madeline, who at 22 already is gonna be entering a master program at calarts or riverside. the family scholar! go, maddy, go! the neatest things i saw were the herb garden as well as ancient glass, but most was wasted on me bc i was so, so, so, so tired!! last night i stayed back, ostensibly to rest, while james went south for another gig, but instead i got a 2nd wind & recorded five songs i want him to hear... yes! so thrilled to record music after many months!
just reread this & realize how mundane it is. blablablablablablabla. oh well; life's short, so have your fun! for me, fun often entails blablablablaing, so there you go. i guess you wouldn't've read this far if you didn't want to!
go forth & find your fun.
ciao for now.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

hello. i'm jenny page.

want to hire me? no? oh well; i'm posting this anyway. :D
freelancer, upwork
oops; and THIS!
Whiteboy James and the Blues Express, this Saturday at Casa Ranchero, Ladera Ranch CA
The Whiteboy and Jenny Combo (WBJ, Jenny, Steve Kida), this Thursday at Shenanigan's, Long Beach CA
Click here for more details:
AND... theeeees! -- from brudder doug, out front of the nile theatre in downtown bksfld. angie & i used to work there decades ago. it was a sleazy dump then & is a poshy swanky club now, but the beautiful tile out front's remained. :D

Saturday, April 09, 2016


(lazy writing alert: emphatic "!!!" & CAPITAL LETTERS ahead)
dang it, this blog has stats. if you come to this site, the site you JUST LOOKED AT is tracked by blogger!! i just went into the stats page of my little blog & saw listings for some gross & disgusting  sites... if you're looking at nasty & foul stuff, stop visiting my blog!!!!!!!! go away!!!!!!!
i know i can't control that one bit, so the only thing i can do is express how revolting it is to me when happy fool here goes to the "stats" page to twinkle & glee over how many humans have been cyber-visiting her & sees these perverted, putrid websites documented... bleghghghghg!!!
i'm kinda stuck lately, sick where i have trouble talking & walking, but i sure can type! i'm good for little except surfing the web. it's actually led to some teaching, voice talent, proofreading job leads & more gigs for me & james! course, i'm too ill to get to the job interviews, keep having to reschedule, so it's kinda... frustrating yet exciting... work! work is good! laborare est orare!
i've been withdrawing from paroxetine. that's right, me, sober over 20 years, WITHDRAWING. the new doc told me to be nice to myself; it's not like i've relapsed. the ironic part is, i'm probably suffering a great deal more BECAUSE i've been sober so long. i'm probably as much a lightweight as a baby, in fact. so if i'd kept partying down & took paxil, i'd not maybe be this sick.... crap!!
i went in two yrs ago a hopeless anxious depressed wreck & my nice doctor, a pretty, intelligent woman who probably got straight As all thru school & who obviously has NO experience with addiction, told me to take paxil, so i did.
my fault!! should've researched it!! didn't!! gullible, believing authority, wanting to trust: sucker!! it never stops!!
so i took the med i was prescribed, for the first time in my life exactly AS prescribed, & here i find myself two years later (transitioning to another, much safer med) sick sick sick, oh my, so physically sick... friends tell me, "oh, they're being sued. you should sue them!!" but those lawsuits are for paxil-induced outcomes far worse, certainly evil, even: babies born of mothers who'd been on paxil,  baby comes out with something very wrong; families of people who stopped taking paxil, got depressed, took their own lives. horrible! this is not that -- this, tho it's a highly unfortunate situation, is not sue-worthy!
 james & i were joking -- as we do; hahaha! --- about kicking peoples' asses. james is the dalai lama compared to his Old Life, when he was a tough sucker -- the toughest man I'VE ever met or known about, that's for sure! so it comes up bc he actually can do it whereas physically i probably could, if my opponent were weak & tiny, but then how could i? see? temperamentally, no, i don't think i ever could! but i told him if we ever meet a person from glaxosmithwhateveritscalled evil big pharma that developed paxil, we will beat those thugs to a pulp.
cretins!!!! pushers!!!! as*holes!!!!!! the whole idea made us laugh, & then, of course, i felt much better. :) mama said recently -- with great affection, i add -- as james was being silly, "how can you feel bad being married to a man like that?" he's so quick & funny, quite a marvelous human being that way, verbally gifted, lightning-smart, & hilarious. he reminds me to stop taking life so seriously... thank goodness!
my brain zaps. and in fact, that's what the phenom is called: brain zaps. at 1st it was a tiny bit cool, kinda like being bride of frankenstein or the monster. but then it intensified: no longer cool at all. add nausea, headache, fatigue, mood swings & you have a condition FAR worse than i could've envisioned. james has been a big help, having suffered many bouts with withdrawal. me? i had three days of DTs over 20 yrs ago. never anything like this. I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT THIS!
however, sick & puky, wobbly & mood-swingy, i'm still in general quite happy. :) i love my life, & i love, i mean, i LOVE my husband! -- more all the time, the more i know him. we have gone thru storms & battles & wars & strife together... and didn't give up! this is how stuff gets solidified, fortified, ingrained. our lives nowadays are the best they've  been! and w/ possibility of getting work in areas i love (teaching, library, art, music)? so happy. and not only is james getting more & bigger gigs, with a lineup of good honest men whom i really like & who are loyal & good to james, but WE, me and james!, are getting more gigs. click on this to see where & when: whiteboy and jenny combo
gonna quit writing now, stand up & try not to barf, maybe play some piano... yes! in spite of the lumps & bumps & having to be reminded of the presence of internet weirdos & having to shake out this evil, sickening anti-depressant, LIFE IS GOOD! may yours be, as well. even you weirdos! even you as*holes! even you petty, scum-sucking sleaze bags! :D
 may we all live & be merry!