Thursday, September 29, 2005

lunatics need love, too

well, just heard show with blasters for tomorrow has been cancelled. "everything went kerflooey." blah. poo. rats. dang. peas & carrots. .... art must be more disappointed than we are... maybe the great gods were saving us from disaster, right?... nah; i think it was just hard knocks... oh well! better to have found out now than when trying to get thru smellay gridlock on a friday-at-5! i will appease, amuse, delude myself here with a little lunatic fan-addict photoshopping... i just know this'll be the bill onea these days (click ruby slippers 3 times)... (both pix by bomar the great)

chicken lips & legs; rocking with blasters

a new article about our band is posted at from nick belardes, local writer and committed supporter of local artists. he took the pic you see here. i gotta go to work, so that's all i'll post for now... blasters show with art fein is tomorrow! woo-hoo!!

Monday, September 19, 2005

dead monitor blues don't get me down

as i seem to frequently write, last night's show was fun. you couldn't hear a dang thing, i had a dead monitor & weak mike, the sound bounced & reverberated off the dome's wrestling arena walls in a game of "find-the-beat, suckers," but it still was fun. we started playing, BOOM! and all these punk & emo teens came running out, trying to swing dance; they weren't sure what to do, so i yelled, "just jump up & down!!" later these same kids rolled & bounced off each other like puppies when the ramones-tempoed filthies played (heidi said they sound like green day, but i wouldn't know). mento buru's horns were so loud, your ears about bled (except paul perez -- he seemed to have the mike i'd gotten earlier, which was a shame). mento do that old oingo boingo song i remember off radio-- it says "who do you want to be today" -- at such a furiously-fast, slamming punk-ska tempo, with trombone & double sax/percussion, that if you don't move with it, call the morgue cause you're about-dead... the event was a sort of swarming, teeming one: about 20 bands, food out back, stupid jokes as the females ate hot dogs, musicians' tots with pink spikey hair & rocker clothes, black-clad, heavily tatted, heavily-gutted males guzzling suds & guffawing, skinny boys with eyeliner looking tres hollywood, etc. band dog jason observed the proceedings with a small smile, murmuring, "this is like the old days." every band of a certain age was there. yeah, lots of tattoos and mohawks. and us. ha!... anyway, when we played, it was great to see all those kids dancing uncontrollably, moved by the music. i wore some mardi gras rags & gave them to people in the crowd, later to jon-o & vince, who'd come "just to see you guys," they said. jerry drummer was being blasted by the keyboard monitor, so i said, "now, THERE'S a switch for ya!" i apologized to him later, tho it wasn't my fault (soundman jeff langston, brian p's friend, was there & saved us however he could), & told him, "your hearing'll come back, big guy. it always has!" brian p looked to be having fun, & his solos on "rock the joint" were spot-on. jason was, as always, cool as a cucumber... "the real" bruce wayne, local dj who looks like a movie star, gave us info on being on radio & offered me a swig of bourbon (not today, but thank you). in fact, i haven't been offered a drink so much in a long while. it was a good test. at about 7:30, ronna from bakotopia said she thought they'd raised about $2400 for the red cross -- not bad, not bad! nick belardes asked us to do his net radio show & took a pic of me that's either going to drive people away, or toward this band: lotsa leg! it actually was a pretty cool pic; nick is a talented photographer. well, better go now. adios, ciao, sayonara, hej da, see ya, good people!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

stage-divin' piano, trippin' with fein art, walkin' in LA

READ BELOW ABOUT THE HURRICANE RELIEF BENEFIT SUN 9/18... the other night brian p & i got a wild hair & did the open mike at fishlips -- i did i'll go down swingin, me & my chauffeur blues, then he came up & we did heartbeat, let's go (paladins), rebound, red hot. it was rough fun! we heckled jason, who sat at the bar. he returned the favor by conspicuously leaving to use the can for our set. i played my little 61-key yamaha, my starter keyboard, & at one point it tried to stage dive (the stand was real rickety), but we grabbed it & i kept on playing. that evening started a series of fun days i've been needing... next morning i hopped in the truck & drove to art fein's lovely mansionito by the hollywood bowl. he described the lush, winding enclave as "the beverly hills of the silent era," an apt, witty, succinct & therefore artish description. then i was treated to a few hours of music-listening & video watching & lunch-eating... on 4 hrs sleep, i felt about as witty as a gerbil, but the reptilian brain was in full function, so i was prime for the great rock & roll music & oddball screenings & tales art dished out. i like how his eyes get all glazed & wacky when he's in the moment. he says things like, "if i'da seen this footage when i was a kid, i woulda jumped outta window. my head woulda exploded." then he'd put on bo diddley or joe maphis or the sparkletones & we'd jump up & down & laugh like crazy. what fun. he sent me off with a generous package of music, heavy on his all-time faves, the heaters... dig the cool pic of art with the zydeco king himself. all i can say is wow!. . . like things couldn't keep being so great, i next went to hollywood book & poster where my friend scott just happened to be working & gave me a huge discount on a something weird dvd & directions to amoeba, so there i went, on an impromptu walking tour of hollywood on a lovely breezy day with bougainvilleas blooming all around & shopped for music for a few luxurious hours (the meter was broken -- free parking -- yowza!), then headed inland to the pomona area to visit my dear friend & her family (tho dad ruben was off playing music all weekend). art called about an extremely fun sounding event at wacko, but my friend wasn't up for it, & i was in george romero land by that time, barely able to breathe from lack of sleep, so i had to beg off, feeling like a stinking dud anyway. i passed out that night real early. well then tonight my friend was too beat, so i hit the LA county fair solo, loving the nighttime lights, the happy throngs, the music, soaring over the glittery laughing fair city on the scary, exhilarating sky tram, the cotton candy & barbecuey aromas, the shiny swirling rides, the blast of fireworks, the fair, representing so much that's good about america, man, i needed it. i didn't "do some huggin' and lovin' at the county fair..." but it was a happy & lonesome, wonderful time that filled up my heart & gave me hope, dang it, hope.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

"haunted" dome hosts hurricane relief show

Hurricane Katrina Relief Show... See The DUSK DEVILS and at least 15 other live bands Sept., 18 2005 / The Dome Arena, 21st & V St., Bakersfield, CA 93301. Cost: $10.00... From Mento Buru: A Hurricane Katrina Relief Concert is in the works right now. Please mark you calenders and stay tuned as we get you all the details. CONFIRMED- Mento Buru - The Dusk Devils - Throatshot - Rocky Nash - Karmahitlist - American Standard - This Plain Morning - Esiah - Give Impulse - My Dysfunctional Me - Vanity Avenue..more bands on the way. DJ's spinning all day long: DJ Mikey (Reggaeton / Hip-Hop / Roc En Espanol), DJ Jake aka Lord Bovver (Ska / Reggae / Punk / Soul), plus more on the way. Please support the cause!! The Red Cross says this is the ONLY music event being organized in Bakersfield to help right now. Here's your chance to help out!! All of the bands listed have MySpace pages, so check 'em out at Call The Dome at 661-327-0190 for more info. (This was MENTO BURU's release, btw.) The Dome long ago was called "Strongbow" and "Strelich Stadium." It was a well-known wrestling arena, now home to music and sports events and rumored to be haunted. Owner Chencho poo-poos the idea. This show, with proceeds benefiting the Red Cross, will give ticket holders the chance to see a wide wide range of local musicians at work.

Monday, September 05, 2005

don't shake me lucifer

"the world's a mess, it's in my kiss..." i don't think the following'll make much sense unless you're down in the valley, too...
1. a stupid tirade: the whole wide genre called "blues" was born in pain, not fashion, from the little i know. all kinds of variations then arose from that core, like the wonderful new orleans acadian / shuffle/ cajun/ zydeco tradition. such a core should be respected, not aped. the "fashion blues" attitude is what i don't like about the whole "blues brothers" thing. all them salaried middle-aged suburban guys in their ray-bans and bowling shirts playing "authentic delta blues" and singing willie dixon and jimmy reed between leers, swigs and high-fives with their weekend-warrior buddies creep me out. people shouldn't perform songs unless they're authentically felt to the toes, not because they think "the blues" will make them look cool. enjoying the music, or relating to it, that's another deal, but once i take on a song to learn and it starts coming from my mouth onstage, i'm saying i'm a piece of that song or want to carry forward its experience. that's why, unless my despair deepened significantly, or drug-hell resurfaced, though i love her music, i would never sing billie holliday.
2. the unforgettable books "go cat go" and "man in black" describe how carl p and john c (respectively) dealt with the darkness. they walked and kept walking and didn't give up. i guess.
3. roky erickson said, "don't shake me lucifer"... sometimes it feels that way, tho i ain't religious. i like roky's brilliant hallucination lyrics. maybe that's the smartest way to deal with tragedy and despair. some native cultures think the clown or kashari to be the most sacred character around. better to laugh than cry: is that the ticket?
4. johnny cash said, "i'm gonna sit right here until i die"... or maybe this is the ticket? nah. i've done this, and you just have to get up after a few days to go to the bathroom or eat. speaking of cash, maybe i should transfer these feelings into disgust over the casting of two talented but inappropriate-for-the-roles hollywoodians as johnny and june in the new "walk the line" biopic.
5. a lot of hank williams' catalog was joyful, ebullient honky-tonk/love tunes or sad songs so beautiful, they pull you out of the despair pit cause HE FELT IT, TOO, & expressed it so awesomely... these extremes, i guess, are associated with the creative temperament. just imagine if the man had lived... knowing these talents lived at all can help a person not want to hang oneself, yes...
6. john lennon screamed, "how can you laugh when you know i'm down?" great song, but nah -- too self-pitying.
7. blablablablablablabla... this ain't me usually, but "blog" starts like "blab," doesn't it? sometimes the blabbing gets dark. this is one...
what a profundity: when the world's all upside down, anybody can get sad. you need the dark to see the light. etc, etc. duhh. i guess all a person can do is keep walking. and laughing. and trying not to say, "i told you so." the chinese proverb says, "fall down seven times, get up eight." time to get up. i'm gettin. i hope.