Wednesday, August 19, 2015

this just in!

i posted the bottom paragraph on facebook & now james's phone's ringing off the hook w/his friends calling to find out all about what happened! i don't guess it's the kinda thing your average city-born  cult-hero bluesman does... maybe cause there's only ONE person of that description who would've had the wherewithal to know what to do! :D
i'm so glad he was here cause i would've probably tried to save it & ended up getting bit in the process... dumbbell the cat, as is, was trying to get outside to play with it...
here's the post:
james killed a rattler on our porch. i got this house over 5 yrs ago & have never seen a snake til now, never mind a poisonous one, & never mind right at the front door!! r.i.p., dear viper, now headless carnivore chow in arroyo. thank goodness for james the snake slayer...

Wednesday, August 05, 2015


not this flyer, which is awesome, but that i am so exhausted only two days into my Big Week at the library. i haven't worked a 40 hr week in over 5 yrs!!! anyways, i'm enjoying myself & it's good to be able to say that about work. laborare est orare
this whole dang week i will be going hi-ho, hi-ho, good little not-dwarf that i am (jeez, so tired, can't even write entertainingly)... feeling competent & being good to people while working with books, couldn't be much better unless i also had free diet soda & a piano in the corner & maybe a gym... then this weekend's the library book sale as well as fiesta days in frazier park & yippee!
ah, heck, just come to our show in taft. you'll be glad you did! :D
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... time to chop logs...........