Sunday, April 30, 2006

aaazzzzmmmmmaaaaaaaaa... cough! cough! hack!

gasp gasp gasp... today i feel like a fish that has flipped out of her bowl... i've found much breathing relief not from constant allergy shots, not from advair inhaler, not from prednisone & other drug regimens, but from NAET - nambudripad allergy elimination treatment. i see bridget bonnet at victorian chiropractic in downtown bakersfield (661-325-NECK); she does this strange but effective treatment on me & now i am so much better. knock wood. i sure hope i can get in to see her soon. spring has sprung here in bako: the sun is beaming, the mercury's up 20 degrees from last week, the breeze is blowing, the trees & blossoms are sprouting & popping & pollinating everywhere. with this plus the announcement last week that bakersfield has the Nation's Worst Air Quality, i'm surprised we're not all of us ill or dead from simply trying to respirate. NAET is the program... it works! ...we sing "burning love" as a duet & i wanted these lines: "It’s hard to breath, And my chest is a-heaving, Lord almighty, I’m burning a hole where I lay..." i know the lyrical intent was not to reflect upon asthma, but i relate to it that way. in that moment, the singing allows both illnesses -- bouts of prurient obsession & shortness of breath -- to be allayed. wheeeeeeze.... hobbling off to bed now.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

pulling floaters from kern, big show at queen mary (, random blablabla

paste above address into your browser to read about the long beach international tattoo festival (middle flyer), where we'll play sat jun 24, 4:45-5:30 pm... all three events you see on the main page will be concurrent, at the queen mary in long beach... a couple acts look fairly eccentric! ...specifically diablo dimes & yard dogs [sic] road show... others include james intveldt, jake labotz, cadillac tramps, danny dean & the homewreckers, manic hispanic, cacti widders... looks like it'll be a real katy bar the door kinda deal... wish candye kane would be there, but knowing her, she'll probably be belting 'em out someplace in poland or spain or san antone!... i have no tattoos, being just a boring little vanilla female with two earrings & a penchant for excessive makeup... our grandpa worked homicide here in bakersfield & said the only tattoo he'd ever get would be his social security number, right on his shoulder. he was tired of pulling john & jane does out of the kern river & said if anything like that ever happened to him, he'd be quickly IDed with such inkage. practical guy, grandpa phil. i remember him looking like john wayne, but i think lots of people my vintage have that snapshot of their grandpas. i don't think i was so good with resemblances when i was a tot, though. for instance, i used to think muhammed ali & elvis were the same person.... actually, in those days of B&W, mebbe that's not so far off, really: roman profile, good hair, handsome physique, wild garb... back to the tat: i used to say if the fate of the world were in my hands & depended upon the act, i'd get bettie page's face tattooed on my bicep. but nowadays, well, nah, it's ridiculous to bring up to begin with, but no, i wouldn't, so ker-plooey! goodbye, big blue! ....... good thing i'm only a tiny sub-quark of a speck in the grand universe, & therefore my powers end at the tip of my nose.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


what do you do after being in charge of a great big friendly life-saving heart-warming convention filled with wonderful talented speakers & food & 1000s of cups of coffee & 100s & 100s of smiling friends whom seem to all want to talk to you & ask you questions & compliment & complain to & thank you & life is beautiful & you're dressed to the nines in heels & shiny dresses running around & jabbering & laughing & grinning like a happy goof & then boom, it's over?...... i guess now it's time to deflate, get back to "normal" ... make groceries... watch movies with hubby... play piano... try to catch up on sleep... read email... talk to family & friends... babysit niece (who's hardly a baby anymore) ... ready to go administer standardized tests to 5th graders tomorrow... be grateful for this wonderful, crazy, exciting, quickly-over rollercoaster of a life... be grateful to not be pushing up daisies, like i should be... bomar was elected to be in charge next yr, so soon enough, prep will start again, & thank goodness for such happy responsibility, bringing focus, commitment, opportunities for fun & service to rare-do-wells like us.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The question why there is evil in existence is the same as why there is imperfection... But this is the real question we ought to ask: Is this imperfection the final truth, is evil absolute and ultimate? -RabindranathTagore, poet, philosopher, author, songwriter, painter, educator, composer,Nobel laureate (1861-1941) / Go to for more...

Friday, April 14, 2006

mississippi alligators de espana on dusk devils

if you don't read castilian spanish, try translating this using babelfish (on google or alta vista)... you will get resultados muy interesantes. (babelfish translates literally, word by word, without idioms, turns of phrases, multiple meanings interpreted.) gracias, looke. we need good news these days, and a constant supply of good musica con raices, too, quaffing it in like air.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

ddevils play relayforlife sat may 6

details are here: ... if the link doesn't work, go to and search for "dusk devils"... this is a good day to be alive, friends. i hope that, like me, you can be grateful for it. i have gotten 10.75 extra years, and for that i am quite fortunate.

a permanent solution to a temporary problem :(

some periods in my younger life seemed so dark, i thought there was no way out, but for whatever reason, i am still here, lived through the bleak times, & (i think) grew as a result. i know now how many loved ones would have suffered, really suffered, if i'd taken the other route. our dear friend in texas, whom we hoped against hope we'd see again someday, decided saturday to end it. she was alone & in pain & if only, if only we could have told her how much we loved her. it probably wouldn't have made any difference, & it's probably just selfishness on my part that makes me want to have had that opportunity, but we missed her so much already! .... she had the brightest smile & the biggest heart imaginable. anybody who didn't love her, well, i don't want to know you; you are cold-hearted & have nothing i want or need. she was a long-legged, big-grinning, sweet, generous, wild, kind, fiesty girl (a woman chronologically, but a spirited girl at heart), the daughter of a texas judge, the one-time sponsor of many desperate women, a speaker of wisdom & compassion, a sister, a daughter, an aunt, a die-hard biker gal who rode a red fatboy & turned her own wrenches whenever she could. she just loved men, & men just loved her. women loved & admired her, too (i was most definitely one; she helped me to be happier, more light-hearted, less afraid of life). she loved to buy things for her friends and throw her belongings & purchases all over whatever campground we all were at. i think that's how she made herself at home while on the road. the fellows had started a goofy club called the kehoni bros., so she started her own joke motorcycle gang, the chi-chi sisters. (for instance, i was a member, & i don't ride anything except a bicycle now & then.) she liked to bark dirty, funny jokes in her scratchy texas drawl, chain smoke, laugh at everyone else's jokes, & do an impersonation of an elephant that would make you fall down laughing. she loomed so large in our hearts, it seemed like we'd just seen her yesterday, but it had been three whole years. she was admired & loved by so many and now we'll never see her again. i hope that she'll always remain in her friends' memories, as does her fiancee mike, who died before they could be married. we had so many good times with her, & that's the way we need to remember her, & eventually we'll be able to. goodbye, stacy. we love you and miss you. :(

Sunday, April 09, 2006


gee, i'm just not used to this 3 am stuff anymore!!!! my brain today feels like that old video game pong, with the one little ball languidly plopping back and forth.... ploot!..... ploot!... not too many synapses firing right now, but here i go, typing away... anyhow, how was your sat night? mine was really swell. we played sandrini's with fattkatt & ventura's sixgun. i got to wear my continental club austin t-shirt & ridiculous nana elevator cowboy boots, & i always start the evening right when i have a fun outfit like that... music performances ARE called "shows" for a reason!! i think the visuals add so much to the experience, for performer and audience, so let's get dressed up a little!!! of course, flashy duds don't mask lack of musicianship, but i still think (i'm surely deluded) that a lot of heart helps make up for lack of finesse... anyway, i just love when we can make a crowd happy. sometimes i make a monkey out of myself, clowning around for folks, but we had that happy crowd last night, with people coming out on the dance floor, shouting back at us, laughing & cheering. what a kick! ... jeff langston dialed the sound in so well, eric was there to help, & many people showed up for the dusk devils. i don't wanna start listing all who showed up cause then i might leave someone off, but if you were there for us, thanks so much! and thanks, too, to jefe from sandrini's for taking care of us, & to fattkatt (sounding mighty tight, & whatta nice bassman that les fellow is) & sixgun for being there, too. handsome dj bruce wayne told me he sent our songs to his friend mike ness, promoted the show on krab radio, & had told his pals to come out & see us, so a big thanks to him. ..... however, i gotta say, we haven't heard from mike ness yet!!! never say never, i suppose: i imagine he's a little busy and might have more on his mind than the dusk devils... :) "toujour gai," said mehitabel, "there's life in the old gal yet." ....... next show: relay for life, sat may 6, 1 pm at csub here in bakersfield ... come on out & support this important fundraiser, jog or walk some laps, eat, listen to the good time old time primitive rocking country blues & rock & roll music that don't save souls, said the cramps... though i think it does!!!!!!!!