Thursday, January 19, 2017

more shhhhnow

this past wkend was quite busy with music & being in the car going this place & that. here are nice pix snapped by roger f & richard c sat at shenanigan's. i will not write that i need to lose weight. oops -- already did... oh well. it was really fun playing that day with wonderful anthony & king james. we thundered!! we kicked a*s!!  the place was packed. people cheered & laughed & danced. it was a real kick!
we are getting old, but we still take a good pic, i think...
i hurt myself working too much in the book room at school yesterday, but that's a good thing about being formerly athletic (as well as a female w/lifelong entanglings w/the moon)
: i know what physical pain feels like, so i can bear it. plus gimme muscle pain any time over the head & chest pain i lived with in bakersfield (sinus infections, asthma, allergies, blehh!)... long ago, a kind friend gave me a buckwheat-filled heating donut, so that's easing the throbbing muscles & joints right now while i cool my heels, waiting to go to school on a snow-delay day. we'll see what happens weather-wise. supposed to have snow all week. woo-hoo! that's good for the mountain. however, we're supposed to be at shenanigan's this eve, so hope the weather won't prevent that!

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