Friday, January 06, 2017

fiddling around friday

no, this site won't let me upload a simple music file, either...  if i knew more about coding, i'd be able to do it, no problemo...
(hang on a minute...)
i don't know if that will work...
- the 1st song is james & me fiddling around one eve when he was feeling sentimental about his long-time friend & mentor... but i wish i had practiced before recording it... i've developed a potty mouth in past years, never would've said "sucked" in previous life (however, just read those who swear are more imaginative, so maybe i'm gettin more maginative)... james came in to my classroom this eve (i stayed late to grade papers & do the 100 other little tasks teaching school requires) & started playing "help you dream" on the classroom pianny, singing the melody so sincerely over the wrong changes like he does (how does he do that?!?), so i stopped grading & played as he sang & looked into my eyes with a little tear & a smile & it was a moment surely sweeter than when mr alvin did that one night long ago when i'd gone to see the blasters... james is pure heart, which those who love him know (but as he always say, most who think they know him, don't at all...)
the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th are these: a song i wrote while we were separated; a voice acting demo i recorded from a book & i forgot the details of, which is lame bc its words are very wise; and a song i wrote years ago in the dusk devils days that james wants to use in his repertoire/album eventually, but i wanted to put it on here now bc i have little self-control at times, so if i put this one on here, i won't put on here the other 10 songs i want to, ones he's gonna put in his repertoire eventually cause i shouldn't do that, but i wrote this one & actually used to sing this it, too, so i'll put it up...
what else? deutsche kuchen red cabbage & apples. bomb-a*s aldi, our new favorite grocery store. (we went in germany! there's one in backwardfield! now THAT is weird!). new strength moves.  the trabampoline. a new side job as book clerk at school. tomorrow after yoga, if i can find a haz-mat suit, i'll go to school & start cleaning it out. today, a clean septic tank for only $600 (aaah! kill me now!). funny how the bathroom smells so much better now, less eau de bum. neat articles about ursula k le guin, leonard cohen (the new yorker: endless reading, so cheap, & the best cartoons). power failure on the mountain. caveman cavey's, such great pizza. yum! 23 degrees this morn, with ice so hard on my windshield, the ice scraper couldn't budge it! our cat, his whisker now mysteriously curled. such a feline butthead, he certainly would never rescue us from a vicious dog, as a bakersfield cat hero recently did when its 6-year old human-child was attacked. something i just learned about: quipa. and the language created by & used by only women: nushu... so much blablablaboloney that doesn't make any sense, even swimming in the head that thinks it... you might know how the big dumb coconut can roll like a big wheel... through a georgia cotton field... so i will hush. ta-ta for now!

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