Friday, January 20, 2017

snow day, day 2!!!

yesterday, no school due to snow that Never Arrived... today, snow day numero dos! and this one is warranted! it's wondrous to witness the changing weather up here. this a.m. i had my coffee & watched the dark sky to the east suddenly melt into the most beautiful robin's egg blue tinged with eastery pinks & yellows & silvers & thought, well, that's it, better get ready for work, when shazam! just like that, black clouds enveloped the heavens & walls of snow started dancing & prancing across the sky like a scene from a vintage holiday movie! james says after a lifetime in smell/swellay (my name for it, not his), he enjoys seeing four seasons. i second it!
but oh heck, what now? i've had coffee, straightened the house, read for quite a while, petted the cat, researched how to fix an electric keyboard, paid bills, ate breakfast, drank more coffee,... (thumbs twiddling...) ... and now begins the descent into instant Cabin Fever... arrghhhh...

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