Saturday, February 11, 2017

el dia de la enfermedad & go see wbjbe tonight at shenanigans in lbc ca usa

am trying to blog, but the cat won't have it. he crawls behind the computer & swipes a claw at the mouse as i move it. with great effort, i haul his gigantic bulk to the ground, & he responds with a pounce, teeth bared. earlier he was a big fat sweetheart warming my feet as i rested, but now... we know if he were human-sized & human, he'd be an autistic psychopath & we'd both have been shredded to pieces long ago...
been having weird dreams the last few nights. they come up whenever i'm sick. today's, time was kerflooey, as dreams are, & i was telling my ex-husband, a good man, that i'd been a crummy wife, then i jettisoned a yucky creep, feeling much better about the whole thing than the way it shook out in real life many yrs ago... then was looking all over for james to tell him BC i felt he'd be proud i'd been honest & in the dream, i FOUND HIM & all was well. he was silly & dashing & goofy & tough, like he is. in past dreams, i can't find him. so this is all good. 😀
wanted to post about decent silent film just watched on pub-d-hub (think that's what it's called) on the old roku on the old tv we just got free from a local lady... set it up in bedroom for lovely tv viewing on sick bed day... feeling weary. it's one of those "it's going around" illnesses... but wanted to share that this is worth watching for its social realism & lead actress & poignant plot & lack of misogyny... the goddess ... not the greatest film ever, but worthwhile.... if you're near long beach ca us this eve, go see the amazing whiteboy james on stage all night. if you don't know it yet, he is an astonishing performer, the wonderful, one-in-a-billion, big-hearted galoot... better go now. be well.
where i'll still be tonight

where james will be tonight & we'll be thursday

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