Wednesday, March 01, 2017


i have a stomach ache. very tired. it's cold.
the weather, that is.
started yesterday an interesting reading class for teachers in bakersfield. six sessions.
fascinating, really. inspiring, yes.
never liked these teacher classes. thought they were stupid. thought many of the teachers were stupid.
i don't think it was the classes or other teachers that were stupid, come to think of it. :)
long long day today, leaving bakoland at 6 am with lunch packed by mama (to whom angie, me, james & doug all are perenially 8-9 years old, tho our actual combined ages are closer to 200). heaven love mama & dad, who gave us an extra mouse to replace the stupid apple one that took a crap bc apple is all about expensive built-in-obsolescence robbery (though the system be much hardier than pc).
james hits the pavement again starting this weekend. malarkey's, 4 pm sunday, LBC. be there or be a tomater.
i will not type what he just said.
it was obscene.
now he is singing a scatological version of a christmas carol, so i beg him to stop & now he's doing an impromptu version of something that sounds like the itchy & scratchy show, but to the tune of "do you hear what i hear"...
"i'm married to the ghost of robin williams," i told mama last night, & she hee-heed merrily. after dinner last night, after the not-stupid class, that is, we all sat & visited, & when james  & bro doug get going, the volume is unholy & if we all weren't falling on the ground laughing at their bellowing hilarity, we'd likely become deaf. "your mother & i didn't mean to marry such similar persons," i told pained-looking niece madeline, "you know: two loud obnoxious strange-o's who are yet so lovable & look like extras from some 1940s gangster film..." this made her laugh.
he is happy to have just spoken at length on phone with mister james the second. "he's a good guy," he says, worrying away at the latest clay figurine. our house is filling up with clay monsters, but this one is "a liddo wabbit," he said, now singing a song about the worthless cat: "obi wan keno-peeee..." now he is dancing around the kitchen. now imitating a machine gun. now... oh, i can't say. :)
time to go watch shum boob toob.

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