Sunday, September 13, 2015

shallow talk & for your consideration...

i think we'll always be photogenic, being a coupla real characters! james is my movie star, my hero, my friend, my love! he gets more handsome all the time, i know & believe. as for me, don't know how long my looks will last...
intellectually, i know & appreciate beauty & "cute" come from within... immaturely, i know & sort of lament that i'm no longer the girlish waif i was when james & i met! (my slimmer figure, however, i must remember was due to the desperate & rattled & unhinged & manic state i lived in during that time as well as the lot more jogging i did while in bakersfield with its lovely jogging/bike path!) yes, i miss my relative-to-now skinniness, but i know i'd rather be chubbier, older, centered, & much much happier these days! :D since i stopped dying my hair last year, too, i'm no longer mistaken for a younger person, which always was scary & creepy to me... i'm so fortunate that james is not creepy that way, desiring youth in the unsavory, even deviant manner of some... yeccccch!!!! i used to play music with a nice man with a nice wife (tho politically we were far opposites) & when he expressed lecherous feelings for a famous young female singer, i said, "isn't she the same age is YOUR STEPDAUGHTER???" he just shrugged & said, "yeah, so what?"
yeeeecccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! blllleghhgggghgghghg!!!! anyways...
just ordered some vibram 5-fingers off ebay... can't wait! that will be fun, to finally try some out... natural running, here we come! :D
be sure to read the code book by simon singh as well as watch the lovely 1990 flick green card, one of my faves, which we viewed together the other night, transforming a listless evening into a warm & romantic one. (i really liked chappie last night, too as well as the doc lost souls.) right now i'm reading from our library (interlibrary loans are the best!) the life of christ by papini (1923 edition!), the urban homestead, & island of dr moreau by h.g. wells. if you are bored today, go to the public library! go for a walk or run or hike! sing a song! watch a movie! call or visit your loved ones! contemplate the sky & nature & how lucky we all are to be alive! that reminds me: please, please read this highly worthwhile piece by recently departed oliver sacks, r.i.p.: sabbath ... it builds nicely, then the last lines, BOOM! it really got me, to sound holden caufieldish.
 time for more coffee. have a lovely juan! that is all for now. over & out.

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

animal amore

am drawn back to blog to post this vid sister angie sent. it is the very cutest thing i've seen in some long while. in my old life, i had a rotten pet that looked like a bowling ball in a cat costume. his endearing quality, tho, was when i'd play piano, he'd come sit on top & purr. atta boy :)
the dogs, of course, were pure love... i miss them all the time. i know james misses his otis dog. dogs are proof of god, as sister angie used to say...
the older i get, the more i love animals... our funny fat kitty, the birds outside, the squirrels, the bunny rabbits, the loveable latch-key dog next door... but the gophers better watch out: james is gonna come hunting for the little hole burrowing buggers. and then, bizarre foods style, we'll have some gopher stew or maybe fried gopher!
lately all i want to do is read & work on projects around the house & organize books... i think rather than the little rascals school of architecture, as james said i'm from, it's more the robinson crusoe school i resemble. i'll walk, climb, drive anyplace to get building materials just so i don't have to spend money! plus it's way more fun, always has been, to make stuff when i don't have quite the right materials... anyways, things around here are really looking nice, in a funky kinda way... here's the wonderful video :)

Cute Golden Retriever Loves to Listen to GuitarWatch this dog jam to the music and get mad when it stops.
Posted by Epic Videos on Wednesday, October 9, 2013