Wednesday, March 30, 2016

swinging like a pendulum, walking down the aisle...

A big weekend ahead for us! Hope you'll come to one or more of our shows. Thursday: The Whiteboy and Jenny Combo at Oasis, Taft, CA, 6 pm; Saturday, Jenny gets to play with J&J's great friend Big Manny and his Big Manny Band at Redwood Room, LA; Saturday night is Whiteboy James and the Blues Express at Forbidden City, Long Beach, CA. Go to for times and details for all shows that feature Whiteboy James smile emotico

Monday, March 21, 2016

molto transpirations & mental emissions

1) a great show you shouldn't miss if you're nearby!
1) here's the first, a show just added for thursday with some of our favorite friends in taft, ca. if you're nearby, stop by!
2) next is this terrific photo of mister handsome from line nine blues review, the fellows who host the thursday blues shows at cirivello's in LBC where james played his 50th bd show. tho the pic's on facebook already, i place it here bc it's such a good shot of dashing james, also featuring my friends steve & antknee. :) whether it's blake or lambert or anyone else on bass, i'm happy since all the bassists i've met of james's have been good fellows.
lastly, i went to the video store here (yes! we have one! an advantage of living in a dinky town) & i just commented that i was thirsty & the nice owner tammy gave me a bottle of water! as i left, the heavyset owner of the local yummylicious pizza parlor waved hello. i love this little town! but then as i drove by our 2nd driveway (our property is long and has two), my heart sank.
this small creature was on the far driveway when I got home. it didn't appear to have been hit by car or injured & still had grass blades in its mouth. I moved the beautiful animal to the mound in our yard & decorated the funeral area. this pic is so I can remember how pretty it is right now in deathly repose, before it returns to the earth. jny
2) he's just so dang handsome... wow!
3) requiescat en pace, bellus lupus.

additions to the below post

i was too puny yesterday to add these in...
here's a few pix of james in his "birthday suit." we were in backwardsville with mom & dad at one of our favorites, the REstore, & dad found this suit for james for under $4. on james's bd, mama fitted him & tailored it & then he wore it to his bd show at cirivello's. the place was hop-hop-hopping, full of love! what a positive & wonderful & exhausting eve! here he is modeling the suit in our room, & then at the show w/two guys i platonically & musically love: anthony (ant man, eddie munster) contreras on the swinging, blistering, no-metal guitar, & steve kida on steady solid drums.

next morn, james went down to get smokes & candy & came back with these lovely things. like i said, it was a great couple of days. :)

Sunday, March 20, 2016


we had a great couple of days. james's 50th bd. he said it was the best he'd ever had.
i still got this intermittent illness. was looking thru a gigantic yoga book on asanas for lowered immune system, but too weak to do them. this is the longest i've ever let laundry pile up! haven't been reading. or exercising. or performing! i missed a show bc of this yuck. went to rx, but she said they're not prescribing anything unless there's fever, of which @ that moment i had none. course, at this moment i do. can't help morbid mind from wondering if i've got another staph infection in my sinuses. stupid morbid mind. sit! stay!
am switching a med i take that keeps my head on straight. have to take a mellow-out med to ease the transition. james the other day said i was having dt's. so maybe this flu-lethargy feeling is withdrawal from blasted med. i've been turning into a larda*s lately, least by my estimation. turns out both meds i'm taking contribute to excess poundage. so that'll be one advantage of switching medication: loss of wt. course at this age i know to love this body that's gotten me thru a near-half century of life, in whatever shape it has. don't matter if it's not "perfect" -- i'm a well-loved human who loves most all. i love life. i feel a lot, often too much. dad thinks that's admirable (bc he's not that way. i think his equinimity is admirable. he says ppl like him don't live as deepy as ppl like me. it's the grass is always greener thingamabob!)
back to the seemingly physical, the "human suit" of which james spoke when 1st i met him doesn't really matter in the long run. it's an ephemeral carcass, a container, a meat bag, a temporary cover for the real me & you within.
we're all stardust. complete the quote: i'm too tired.
back to vegging for me. we had a great couple of days.
btw, read "the bakersfield sound" by robert price. really good stuff!

Monday, March 07, 2016


the levels of work at the library sound like military: l.a., d.a., oss, osa, ost, etc... kinda funny! i need to take a typing test for a job i'm applying for w/a library out in the desert, a beautiful drive through arid open country, but today, typing test day, we got snowed in. ah, the life! the snow's been in 50 varieties all day long, so we've kept busy on homebody stuff-that-needs-done, cleaning, chopping firewood, trying to sell books online... at bottom's one thing i completed today that's needed doing. james will be playing a big fest, & the promoter needed another abbreviated phenomenon, an epk, so here's link to the one i made. i like it!
(ps, remember, if you're in the area, to come see us thursday night at shenanigans, poster below, for a fun & friendly & stomping, rocking show...)
stay warm!