Tuesday, August 31, 2010

goddang pizza

exercise 50 mins + eat leftover pizza in fridge = up for many hrs dratting self & finding cool songs on youtube...
1. am trying to get the guys to learn this one... here it is, phil & mark!!!

2 he's a tough lover -- whoooo!! etta does little richard! :)

3. this is from a cool-sounded project, AMERICANA WOMEN. i love her confident tilt of head & drawl... not to mention right-hand action, which i'll never have...

-> link to music box project & AMERICANA WOMEN: http://www.youtube.com/user/MusicBoxProject
4. go, bloodshot bill, the wildest cat out there! no vocal effects, no wimpy rockabilly, wail, man, wail!
5. a special song for me, featuring the best teen drummer i've ever heard:
... ok, i think i'm all digested now.
that sounds funny. :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

kings (& queen) of the wild frontier... & some mushiness.

re wyoming band road trip: after hellishly long drive & my asthma attack (me saved by phil, mark, a rescuing-angel retired cop, & paramedics), we were treated like royalty at the absaroka state takeover car show... rooms, food, great payday, two slow-starting but super shows, saturday night ENCORE, for pete's sake, & drunkenly joyous, rowdy after-show-but-from-the-stage versions of johnny cash & jerry lee from moonshiners' car club pres & secretary, bros scott & john paul (handsome as movie stars, horsing-around friendly as one of your buddies from work)... this topped off by the phil's impromptu guitar god instrumental (apparently it was based on some AC/DC riff, heaven save us all). i wish to heck i'd had a video camera; you shoulda seen him & the band playing as the roaring-drunk crowd howled w/appreciation! except for the mark nearly peeling his entire hand off in blisters, the trip was fantastic, the long drive home going quite a lot smoother, me getting to know my friends much better. they are good fellows of great humor. :)
we rolled into bakoland in early morning hrs & the rest of the wk's been a bit of a blur except i got a frigging fantastic package of CDs & book "rock stardom for dumbsh*ts" from mel bergman of the phantom surfers/go-nuts... i mean, lord!! what a happy unexpected kick THAT was!... huge thanks to russ davidson, clint of the bozeman trail inn, & handsome scotty & the moonshiners' car club guys for hosting us & making us feel really dang special. i also thank the academy, as well as all the young women (& men) who approached me, hugged me, & told me how wonderful i was, including russ's beautiful wife. & i thank the folks in wyoming who looked at me like i just touched down from planet freakazoid, for they helped keep my ego in check. :)
i mean, WOW!! how does this amazing crap happen????
am hoping to get a copy of the radio show we did to excerpt here, if there's anything interesting there, that is... & that russ DOES come to bako & light this town up w/honky-tonks & great band offerings!
wouldn't that be swell, people? :)
last night was our 1st freeze here (in AUGUST!) & the lazy dogs just snuffled & snorted & wiggled in their little doggy-naps, & man, it's sure pretty outside. tonight's a fundraiser down (up?) in bako hosted by mom & dad for a young, idealistic school board candidate, which means i now must go find a socially acceptable, perhaps (if i'm lucky) somewhat attractive outfit.
this place is lovely, this life is lovely -- i just pray i don't think so cause things are going my way. some quotes from the bard:
- love sought is good, but given unsought, is better.
- they do not love that do not show their love.
- (& thoreau) there is no remedy for love but to love more.
i don't know where i'm going w/this... today, may we all be in its stream, & tomorrow ask again to take a swim, if there be no expectations attached to our request, that is...

Monday, August 16, 2010

absaroka state takeover car show, this wkend, bozeman trail inn, BIG HORN, WY!!

wheee! duh.. oooh... oh... aaah

- in a mind-blowing show of generosity, mama took my sister, niece & i on a trip to london & paris. overwhelmed w/how to deal w/the whole thing beforehand, i kept it low, didn't tell anyone. i felt so fortunate, but also that it somehow meant i must be stuck-up or spoiled.
- no, said others, you're merely fortunate & should feel grateful... which of course is correct. :)
- it was, as you'd maybe expect, a really nice trip, tho upon our return u.s. homeland security treated my little pink-cheeked niece, clutching her pooh bear even, like the unibomber (she had a wire in her garment), then seized the pate i'd bought for dad. (they considered it a gel. so i blurted, at the risk of being pummeled, "why don't you stick your finger in there & check for yourself?!?)
- "well, who knows: it could've been a pate explosive," sister angie later said, & added they probably took it to give to their girlfriends, which would serve them right bc pate is "nasty.") but before all this...
- i forgot my camera. duh. really, who goes to another continent & forgets the camera?!? what was most important was when friends reminded me, "this must've been the trip of a lifetime for your mother," & she did, indeed, say so. we bonded, us all, & doesn't life continue to have its wonders? :) ... mama was so, so happy, & so were my sister & i. in this case, i learned, giving back meant being able to receive such a gift graciously, w/o wallowing in some weird self-pity & guilt bc the whole world cannot take such trips.
- & now THIS wk is another trip, this time to wyoming w/the dusk devils. wyoming! - was encouraged when the promoter said, "i'm hoping it'll be a working vacation for you guys, so you can see some of the most beautiful country in the united states." wow! imagine!
- the guys came up (down?) yesterday to my place for the 1st time & we had absolutely a rip-roaring practice!! playing music together in my house w/the breeze blowing & the mountains all around & us 4 so tight-knit, crazy full of fun & grit, i got thrilled about this upcoming rd trip! can't wait now to travel there & & bust up the stage & meet some folks & see some land.
and wear a new dress, of course!! :)
- yes, this was quite a post-jetlag wkend... nine visitors! i love my friends & family, & the dusk devils. :) this a.m. i dropped off out front of the post office a very large package & went inside & FINALLY got the cookies & big beat of the '50s magazine memphis mike sent me a month ago. the cookies were still pretty good, tho crumbly, & i still can't believe we're on the cover of an australian mag that bears a pic of the johnny burnette trio!
- mike, kind, crazy fellow, is having a health snag, so please light a candle for him & send some special thoughts to this pittsburgh peach. :)
- today's of course the anniversary of elvis's death, & in memoriam, here's his beautiful effigy... a roman bust from the 2nd century AD! i think for this wyoming trip i will dye my hair blue-black in his honor.
cheers & happy happy to vous.