hello. i'm jenny page. once upon a time, i had a band in bakersfield cali called the dusk devils. you still can find dd music online. now i live in the mtns & am married to the most awesome frontman alive, whiteboy james. i know him as james or husband. we are as happy as two nuts can be. life is an adventure, a chore, a beauty, a choice, a turn. life is goooood. :)

Monday, March 15, 2010

the lost rocker

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Friday, March 05, 2010

messiness & gratitudes

-> after my 1st day at sansum clinic, i was jogging on the sb bike path when i spotted a friend of mine walking on the beach!!! i climbed up on a tall rock, looked down & saw ground, jumped, & sploosh! went hip deep into a bog. yech!! i sprung out of that sucker like my pants were on fire, covered w/goosh, shook off, canine-style, then my friend & i jogged on the sand til we came to a stream about 8 ft wide. "we should jump!" he said, but i declined... no way these short legs were gonna clear that gorge. i climbed up on the bridge to cross & he tossed me his hat, which the wind caught & sent sailing over the bridge & into the drink. much ridiculous confusion ensued until i was able to fish the hat, totally drenched, from the stream w/a branch. my friend spent a little time jogging & leaping over clumps of driftwood & seaweed, clumps only 1/4 of the stream's width, at most. "i guess i'd better not jump," he warily said, & i agreed, turning away for a moment to squeeze out his hat. i turned just in time to see him running full bore at the stream. i prepared to call the ambulance. he launched mightily, flying through the air like some olympic long jumper, in a high, perfect arc, & landed on the opposite shore solidly, both feet planted. "THAT WAS FRIGGIN' AWESOME!!!" i screamed. then he went to wash his hands in the ocean & a big wave came up & drenched him, too.
-> the weather in sb was perfect. i got to eat at some of my favorite restaurants like petrini's & cajun kitchen. mama enjoyed the hostel-like, reasonably-priced hotel, half residents on ssi, half europeans w/large backpacks, paper cranes covering the lobby ceiling, university bookstore volumes in the shelves. it rained like heck a few days. the stately library had an awesome book sale: sherman alexie, russian short stories, 4 agreements all for $1.50. the drs at sansum were, to a one, kindly & friendly, taking their time to assess me. i've never gotten such care from traditional medicine except one day prior, in bakersfield, from an endocrinologist whom i immediately liked, w/his humble sweater, patient air, & scuffed shoes. the problems between my ears already have been being treated for about one month; after one psychotic episode & meds adjustment, i can gratefully say that i feel like my old self, but w/o as much nervousness & disquiet... my sansum test results: perfect hearing; severe allergies (i knew that, but each person who walked in to observe my skin test saw my inflamed back & exclaimed, "boy, YOU'VE got some ALLERGIES!!"); sinus tests still out; & best of all, NO THYROID CANCER, tho one set of tests is still out.
there is much for which to be grateful. amor vincit omnia. amicitiae nostrae spero sempiternum fore! happy wkend, friends. :)

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