Sunday, August 28, 2005

b-o-p, bop, i said p-i-l-l-s: bop pills

today i was allergy-ill (of course), but had big music. first i went to record back-up harmonies along with jill egland for brit friend david nigel lloyd's latest irish-celtic LP, I mean, CD. on 58 east, we passed the turn off for caesar chavez' grave, then headed for dave odgen's clear creek studio at harte flat - nice mountain view, very state of the art equipment, very "live," they said. dave helped develop some akg mikes & so got this great spread as a result. we got going & i felt a little fish-out-of-water, but more comfortable on the last song, which is sort of bakersfield soundish. by the end, we were all laughing & adding in hollers and claps... after this, at home, i fortified myself with some peppy vitamins, put some girl clothes on, & headed out rosedale for larry mann's BD party. larry's played sax for little richard, bobby rydell, the comets, jerry lee, many you can name from that era. there were folks at the party from many bands in bakersfield -- i saw steve mayer and lou and bev marino, and met a bunch of others, too. jason never showed up, so, in a little richard configuration, two fellows named mark and herman BOTH filled in on bass... we were slamming!! we had to limit what we played, tho, so we wouldn't kill the bass players, & i couldn't hear well. as usual, i just shouted and pounded as best i could. we did about six songs, with larry sailing in on "roll 'em pete." afterward, folks were saying real nice stuff, so i guess it went over ok. and now, unfortunately, the vitamin hasn't worn off,... so here i sit... though not broken-hearted...

Friday, August 19, 2005

heartbeat-palomino-norselands, moolah

click here to listen to two songs... one's older (mean mean man) and one's brand new (heartbeat). you can even download them, i think. . they're both rehearsal tapes, but have good energy, i says.

this super cool pic is from the old palomino down south in 1976--that's rockabilly rebels jerry sikorski, wild-eyed ray campi, jackie lee waukeen cochran himself up front, colin winski. what a shot!

we are booking shows and collecting money for a trip next summer, hopefully out of this country. the farther north, the better, since bakingfield's so dang hot in summer. send your donations to & we'll send you a postcard in return. feliz tarde a todos...

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"the singing bikers"

we just got back from a 2-week motorcycle trip. this pic was in creede, co... terry (blonde) had swisher sweets & we were about to skip down the street back to the no-tell mo-tel. (the wood tastes better than the smoke, i must say. L to R are me, ceecee, terry, & virgie.) the group of 11 joked i should go to internet anonymous--i never stopped jonesing, even sailing thru the gorgeous aspens, breathtaking red & green & purple mountains, fragrant sage & flowers, snowy peaks, copper canyons, lovely lonely desert, etc. etc. etc. it was a bit embarrassing & pitiful. we listened to ronnie dawson live at the continental club, esquerita, chuck berry best of vol 2, etc. (the last was from brian p, who made a welcomed 11th hour stop before we headed out, to bring me birthday CD rips.) had good cloud cover most days, only two monsoons. (i, pure chicken, sat inside a gas station for 1.5 hrs to ride out the storm whilst the much braver others stayed in their tents.) met a bunch of nice folks & traveled with great friends, ate fantastic meals in ojo caliente NM & moab, climbed on petroglyphs, stayed in a train car, took mudbaths & mineral waters, loudly sang "king of the road" at every stop, attended a bizarre mormon boatride tour, balanced zingers with propel water, didn't send one stinking postcard... for my BD, bomar got me a very cool little roll-up piano that weighs about 2 lbs & i played along a little with the campfire marathons at the serenity run, but they were doing a lot of folky-pop stuff, so it'll be fun to dusk devil-it again... each year, tho, the friendships are unforgettable, and so i am grateful & must again say "thank you" to dear bomar that i was able to make this trip for the ninth time.